Archive : Exchange Of Blame In Car Dispute


The management at the Birmingham car accessory firm of Hardy Spicer Ltd., where the strike of 2,000 employees is threatening the jobs of many car workers, said here to-day that responsibility for the continuance of the dispute now rested with Mr F. Briggs, the general secretary of the National Society of Metal Mechanics, one of the unions involved in the stoppage. The strike, which is over the dismissal of a shop steward, has caused the temporary redundancy of 3,500 car employees at Birmingham and Oxford.

A British Motor Corporation official said the effects of the dispute had already reduced production at the Austin Motor Company’s works by 500 cars a day. and added that unless the strike was soon resolved the jobs of many of the 60,000 workers in the B.M.C. group would be in jeopardy.

Keith Adams

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