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In a New Year message, BMC chairman George Harriman says:

‘Every time one of our factories fails to produce maximum output we start a downward spiral of higher costs, less competitive power, fewer sales, lower production , and higher costs again. In the past few years, on numerous occasions, we have been face to face with the risk of the downward spiral…

‘To have increased our potential by this amount is a great achievement in itself. But the real and essential achievement will only be realised when this capacity is fully occupied and a million vehicles a year are actually being produced. This is the foundation of our success. Only by achieving the maximum output for which our factories have been planned can our costs be kept down and prices kept competitive. We must all remember it is the customer who counts and we shall only keep in his good books if we provide value for money, which means not only the price but the product must be right , right not only in design but in its quality of materials and finish and in its continued serviceability and reliability in use. We have a good reputation in these respects but in common with other manufacturers in this country and those on the Continent , we are not always entirely free from criticism.’

Keith Adams

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