Archive : Glass strike stops Jaguar car men

By David Jack

Europe’s most wanted cars came to a halt on the assembly lines last night. REASON: A crippling; shortage of glass caused by the unofficial strike of 11,000 workers at Pilkington factories in Lancashire. All work stopped at Jaguar’s giant plant in Coventry on the award-winning XJ6 and E-type models because windscreen stocks ran out.

Seventeen hundred men were laid off indefinitely. The dispute will cost Jaguar nearly £400,000 a day in lost production. The company have a 12-month waiting list for the XJ6 and is already negotiating with the unions to boost production and cut the huge backlog of orders – mainly from abroad.

At Rover’s factory in Solihull, Warwickshire, production stopped on the 3.5-litre cars because of the dispute Two hundred men were sent home.

Keith Adams

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