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The British Motor Corporation, Birmingham, and the Etablissements Willeme of Paris have signed an agreement by which the two organizations will become associated in the development of a range of vehicles of 142 to seven tons payload on the French market. The Ets. Willeme, wbich for more than 40 years have been manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles and special trucks, will now also undertake in their main factory in Nanterre the assembly of a range of Willeme-B.M.C. vehicles with payloads from 14 to seven tons.

Within the frame-work of this plan the Ets. Willeme will develop further their factory at Chabenet near Argenton-sur-Creuse. The sales organization of the Ets. Willeme will be responsible for distribution throughout metropolitan France of these Willeme-B.M.C. vehicles assembled in their factories. To achieve this the present network in France which will be responsible for the distribution and service of these vehicles will be further strengthened.

Keith Adams

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