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Jaguar Cars Ltd. are determined to maintain sales and avoid short-time working. Today Sir William Lyons, chairman and managing director, instructed the 5,000 employees here to stop work. At 11 a.m. he made a loudspeaker address to the silent factory.

“Nobody can guarantee you work “, he said.

“You have got to earn the firm’s revenue. It is quality that sells cars and we have all got to work together as one team to get that.”

” It is quality that sells cars. Top quality will sell more cars.”

Banners in the factory’s workshops proclaim: “Bad workmanship will not be tolerated “; “Quality sells cars.”

A Jaguar spokesman said last night that this week’s delivery of cars to customers at home and overseas was expected to be the highest in the company’s history.


A union official said later:  “Jaguar’s have decided their quality must be second to none. Completed cars are being rejected at the factory, and sent back for further checks.”

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