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A meeting is to take place tomorrow of 120 work inspectors on strike over a pay dispute at Jaguar Cars Ltd., Coventry, to discuss any developments. They stopped during the weekend because negotiations on their grievance had brought no settlement. The inspectors, whose job it is to pass work in its final stages in-all departments, are members of the Amalgamated Engineering Union, of the Transport and General Workers’ Union, or of the National Union of Vehicle Builders.

They are seeking a reduction in the number of different wage grades and asking that more of them be put on the higher grades, giving some of the inspectors a weekly increase of a few shillings, rising to a maximum 15s. It is feared that if the strike, continues -many of the- firms 3,000 production. employees would have to be laid off.

A second dispute at the same factory, which threatens production, concerns the firm’s intention to employ six women instead of men on final polishing work. A union official said the dispute had gone through all the negotiating machinery without agreement. It is understood that the firm has deferred for a few days its intention to put the women on the work. They were to have started on it tomorrow.

Keith Adams

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