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Forty car assembly workers at Jaguar Cars, Coventry, will resume work today after a walkout on Friday. The dispute, which stopped production at the factory, was over the transfer of a man to another department. The men derided to return to work pending negotiations.

Across the company

On this day BMH and Leyland hold a ‘dummy board’ meeting, possibly at the Ritz Hotel. Six directors attend from both sides plus Leyland Secretary Tim Addison. After an orderly start it becomes acrimonious.

At this meeting BMC finance director Ronald Lucas says; ‘practically none of the upgraded engines for the Mini were ready’.

Referring to the 998 cc engine used in the MK2 Mini 1000. Jaguar Chairman Sir William Lyons noted. ‘Whilst the BMH board has full regard for the image which Sir Donald Stokes has built up as a very successful exporter of commercial vehicles… Sir Donald has not in the opinion of the BMH board the expertise to virtually go it alone.’

Keith Adams

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