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Jaguar P.L.C., the British maker of luxury cars, plans to eliminate about 1,200 jobs over the next three years in an effort to increase efficiency. The move, announced on Tuesday, is part of Jaguar’s effort to match the efficiency of its West German competitors, Bayerische Motorenwerke A.G., maker of BMW’s, and Daimler-Benz A.G., maker of Mercedes, a company official said.

He said the reduction in Jaguar’s work force to 11,300 would be achieved through attrition. The official said that Jaguar’s West German competitors produce about six cars per worker annually, while the British company’s rate was just over four cars per worker.

”By slimming our work force and by continuing to invest in advanced manufacturing processes we intend to catch up,” he said.

Jaguar’s production goal is 54,000 cars in 1988, compared with 48,020 cars in 1987.

Keith Adams

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