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The new Jaguar XJ6 has been awarded the Don Safety Trophy as Britain’s safety car of the year . The trophy is Britain’s premier award in the progress in the building of safety into road gong vehicles . The winner is chosen by an independent panel of experts , who described the Jaguar XJ6 as , !A car of outstanding safety engineering .’

The presentation was made in London last night by Lord Beeching , president for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents , who said , :-  “The Don Safety Trophy has exceptional merit because it is awarded in recognition of design features which provided invaluable safety for the motorist , who still tends to think first of performance and prestige .”

Sir William Lyons , chairman and founder of Jaguar , spoke of the many different organisations involved in the subject of safety .

“It is hardly surprising that a bewildering variety of safety regulations has come from these sources ,” Sir William said.

“The greatest need at the moment is to achieve harmonisation of the differing national standards and regulations . We have called repeatedly for an internationally agreed set of standards , but despite serious attempts to make progress little has been achieved .
The fact that the XJ6 meets the requirements of so many different countries is as much a tribute to the ability of our safety engineers to unravel the widely varying and frequently conflicting requirements as it is to their ability to meet them ,” Sir William added .

Keith Adams

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