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Good news came from two British Leyland groups. Rover recalled 1500 men yesterday after a three day lay-off, and Jaguar recalled the same number last night ready to resume production today after a week’s shutdown. Both stoppages were caused by component shortages from strike hit suppliers.

British Leyland laid off a further 500 men at its Austin-Morris assembly plant at Cowley, bringing the total idle as a result of a strike of 120 electricians to 3,500. The group’s body building subsidiarv. Pressed Steel Fisher, laid off another 180 at Swindon because of the Cowley strike. In all nearly 2000 P.S.F. workers are now idle. At its Llanelli plant 1540 employees yesterday staged a lightning strike in support of a wage claim. They were expected to return to work today.

Keith Adams

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