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Production problems worsened at British Leyland plants yesterday with a further 1,700 men laid off because of the cumulative effect of strikes at outside suppliers. More than 7000 of the group’s labour force are idle: The lay offs yesterday were at Austin Morris, Longbridge.

The men, engine workers, were sent home to prevent overproduction of engines for the 1100 and 1300 cars. No final assembly has been carried out on these-models for nearly a week because of a shortage of bodies: The body shortage has been caused by a strike of drivers at Howard Tenens a Swindon transport company which moves body panels from Pressed Steel Fisher works to Austin Morris plants.

Nearly 1,600 men have been laid off at P.S.F. factories. A total of 2,250 are laid off at the 1100 and 1300 assembly lines at Cowley and Longbridge. Another 400 Maxi workers at Cowley have been idle for over a week because of the strike at the Pilkington glass factories.

Keith Adams

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