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Lord Stokes at the Motor Show

Lord Stokes
Lord Stokes

Lord Stokes said imported cars were now taking between 20 and 25 per cent of the British market

He added: “I have never said there was anything wrong with foreign cars. Many of them are jolly good but you will never get a better deal in Great Britain pound for pound than buying a British car, particularly from the point of view of parts and service.”

He said it had become fashionable to blame the motor car for almost all Britain’s modern sins but nowhere in the world before had a modern industry responded more quickly to the pressures put on it by society in general. “Pollution, noise and safety are being attacked by the manufacturers with a speed and dedication which is unparalleled in industrial history. But let us not forget, that if motor cars were removed from the roads entirely in America it would not even diminish pollution by half its present level.”

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