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One of the motor industry’s most experienced production experts. 39- year-old Mr. Frank Tilsdon is moving to British Leyland to take charge of its redeveloped and expanded Cowley car complex near Oxford. Until a fortnight ago he was Chryslers chief executive in the Midlands.

British Leyland comfirmed last night that Mr. Tilsdon will take up his appointment as director and general manager at Cowley from next Monday. Mr. Tilsdon spent several years in Canada and the United States working for Chrysler, then became production manager of Ford’s Dagenham plant. In 1966 he left to join Rootes, which later became part of Chrysler.

At Chrysler’s plants in Coventry he carried through a complete reorganization of production machinery and methods including the replacement of piecework by measured day work. The successful Avenger on which Chrysler’s recovery hopes are firmly pinned was the first fruit of this work. A similar situation faces him at Cowley, except that most of the technical updating and expansion has already taken place.

Keith Adams

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