Archive : New strike hits Rover

By David Jack

Yet another pay strike crippled British Leyland yesterday. By last night – less than 24 hours after the Government’s new anti-strike plans were published – three of the group’s big export earning plants were either shut down or struggling with more than 5,000 workers idle.

The newest casualty yesterday was Rover at Solihull, Warwickshire crippled by a wildcat walkout, by seven men – its second in six weeks. Loss in sales is £200,000 a day. At the Austin-Morris plant in Cowley 1,100 strikers voted to continue a pay strike costing the company £750,000 a day in lost production.

And docket clerks at the Fisher car body plant, Birmingham, have blacked delivery to Jaguar, halting XJ6 and Daimler production worth £250,000 a day.

Keith Adams

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