Archive : Robinson is wrecking BL from within – MP


Leyland chairman Sir Michael Edwardes was” the mole of BL “,”wrecking the firm from within,” a Left-wing MP claimed in the Commons yesterday. Keighley MP Mr Robert Cryer, protesting over the dismissal of Communist works convenor Mr Derek Robinson, asked the Prime Minister during Question Time “to condemn the wrecking tactics of British Leyland management in seeking to victimise a shop steward who has a different opinion from the management.”

His remarks about Mr Robinson’s dismissal for distributing leaflets urging rebellion against Sir Michael’s survival plan for BL brought a curt reply from Mrs Thatcher. She told him: ” You know these matters are for the management of British Leyland and not for me. I shall leave the management of British Leyland to deal with them.”

Keith Adams

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