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AUSTIN ROVER’S 27,000 hourly-paid workers voted by a majority of more than two-to-one to accept a new two-year pay deal, the State car firm announced yesterday. Voting was 14,265 for the offer, and 6,849 against. The agreement, which includes a three per cent grade rate Increase in each of the two years is worth, with bonus earnings, £21 a-week over two years.

The major break through for Austin Rover is that the deal will increase the ” harmonisation of the workforce,” putting manual and staff employees on an equal footing.

Austin Rover’s director of employee relations , Mr Norman Haslam, said: ” We are delighted that our employees have accepted what we believe lo be a fair offer. “The deal on harmonisation is an industry first and will enhance the respect , security and opportunity for all employees,” Mick Murphy of the Transport union said last night that the package was ” a reasonable settlement.”

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