Archive : Sleeping foreman loses dismissal case against BL

Mr Robert Yates, British Leyland foreman, last night lost a claim that he was. unfairly dismissed for sleeping on a night shift and being’ involved in offences.

Mr Richard Smith, chairman of an industrial tribunal in Birmingham, said he had told. “one cock and bull story after another “, to explain away events taking place at dawn on June 16 last-year at the Rover works, Solihull.

Mr Yates was seen leaving his office at dawn carrying a folding bed to his car. Later, 24 or 25 men for whom he was responsible were clocked out by two men and his own card clocked out by them as well. That was why he was dismissed, Mr Smith said.
He must know that the company was justified. Mr Yates, of Coplow Close, Balsall Common, Warwickshire, claimed that British Leyland’s system of giving a measured quota of work for a shift resulted in his men never having enough work to do.

During the hearing, Mr John Share, the personnel manager, said there was nothing wrong with workers having a “snooze” provided it was in a chair. But taking a bed to work was a “deliberate act of anticipation”. Giving the tribunals decision, Mr Smith said it should be made clear that Mr Yates dismissal predated others which came after publicity given to workers found sleeping on a night shift.

Keith Adams

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