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Trade union assurances of co-operation for Jaguar Cars Ltd., of Coventry, in fulfilling the requirements of the £22,500,000 order placed by their North American distributors, have been given this weekend. Jaguars have exactly 12 months to build and deliver over 10,000 cars. and in doing so they must strictly comply with the delivery dates specified. Labour disputes could damage the company’s position.

This weekend, Mr D. Fairbairn. district secretary of the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions, said of the Jaguar order: “All the Jaguar work-people will realize the importance of getting orders such as the company has obtained and there is no doubt that every cooperation will be forthcoming to see that as many cars as possible can be produced in the shortest possible time, and with the same high quality of workmanship. Every effort will be made so that even more orders can be obtained by the company.”

Jaguar production facilities have been undergoing major changes during the past few weeks which will make it possible for them to meet this order which consists of 40 per cent of the new Jaguar Mark 10 model, 40 per cent E type and 20 per cent 3.8 litre Mark 2 saloons. Trouble from the Jaguar work-people themselves appears unlikely, but what Jaguars have to fear most is strike trouble at plants of their suppliers.

Keith Adams

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