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Strike Halts Car Production

Rover’s Solihull production line was at a standstill today because of an unofficial strike.

About 1,700 Rover men were told not to report for work until Friday because of the strike at the Birmingham car components factory of Burman and Sons Ltd. The firm supplies about 20,000 steering units a week to the car industry. All production stopped yesterday when 800 employees walked out in sympathy with 47 heat-treatment workers who are in dispute with the management over a new pay system.

If the strike continues it could have more serious effects on the industry. Production of both cars and Landrovers ceased at Solihull today and another 100 men were laid off at Coventry when the Rootes group’s Humber production line also stopped. Other models would be affected if the strike continued, an official said. The Jaguar company announced this afternoon that it had sufficient supplies to last the week.

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