Archive : Strikers end car plant sit-in

From our Correspondent, Madrid, May 28

Striking workers at the Authi factory in Pamplona, a subsidiary of British Leyland, today made a deal with the Spanish police. They agreed to leave the premises where they had been staging a sit-in in exchange for a promise that no worker would be arrested. One thousand three hundred of the 1,700 work force started their sit-in protest at midday last Monday. The workers demanded a basic monthly wage increase of 6,000 pesetas—about £48—and the reinstatement of sacked shop stewards.

After fears that the strike would spread and lead to violence, the police reportedly acting on instructions from the Civil Governor, agreed that the workers would be allowed to leave without threats of arrest or prosecution. However, according to Spanish press reports Authi has not accepted the Governments attempt to calm a potentiall critical situation. The company has imposed a two day lock out as a penalty and has so far refused to agree to the reinstatement of sacked labour leaders.

Keith Adams

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