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Strangest strike of the lot goes into its fifth day at the Morris Motors plant, Cowley, Oxford, where 175 assembly men are stopping work for 15 minutes every hour, on the hour.

TIME magazine

Western Europe: Signs of a Shake-Up

BRITAIN is committing what British Ford General Manager William Batty calls “industrial suicide.” A rash of strikes has wiped out the competitive advantages of devaluation, holding auto exports to a meagre 20% increase over last year, far from the hoped-for 35%.

British Leyland Motors, formed by last year’s merger of Leyland trucks and B.M.C. (Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG, Morris) began 1968 with no new models and several old ones that did not meet U.S. safety standards. Now British Motors is getting in gear. This month Jaguar is introducing its racy-looking XJ6, a $5,760 luxury model designed to rev up exports.

Keith Adams

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