Archive : Trouble at Washwood Heath

A mass meeting at British Leyland’s Washwood Heath transmissions factory voted to continue the 10 day dispute which has halted output of all Austin-Morris cars except the Maxi.

British Leyland now face the prospect of more lay-offs to swell the 18,500 already idle at Longbridge, Cowley, Castle Bromwich, Abingdon, Swindon and Llanelli. Shop stewards representing the 2,000 transmission workers on strike are meeting management on Thursday to try to press again for an increase on the £4 a week offer.

The company has so far rejected a suggested approach to the Government’s new conciliation and arbitration service because it believes it is too early for outside intervention. There was better news of a smaller strike within the group. Eighty inspectors at the Alvis military vehicle factory at Coventry voted to end their two-week strike which has made a further 1,500 workers idle. The stoppage also threatened production of Rover 3500 models through lack of engine components.

Keith Adams

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