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Nearly 1,000 engine assemblers at British Leyland, Longbridge. Birmingham, were laid off yesterday because of an unofficial strike at Burmans, King’s Norton, Birmingham, a key supplier of engine components. A T.U.C. official said last night that they might inquire into the dispute today.

The stoppage at Burmans could have repercussions throughout the United Kingdom car industry. It will almost immediately affect Mini, 1100 and 1300 car production. In Toronto last night Lord Stokes. chairman and managing director of British Leyland, praised the agreement between the Government and the trade unions for dealing with unofficial strikes as one of the biggest industrial breakthroughs in the United Kingdom in years.

He said that of course time would tell whether the agreement to allow the unions to tackle the problem would be effective. “Most people, including those on the shop floor, are getting fed up with strikes,” he said.

“There is really no excuse for them. But with inflation, it is natural for people to want a share of what they see around them.”


British Leyland said yesterday that they have orders worth £32,000,000 for more than 32,000 Austin Maxis , the new saloon car
launched only two months ago. Production of left-hand drive models for Europe will begin in the first week of July .

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