Archive : Two ‘Ludicrous’ Strikes


A management spokesman at Morris Motors’ cars branch at Oxford today described as “ludicrous.” strikes which have closed the factory two nights this week. “Storemen and component progress workers walked out last night in protest, as we understand it, against the action of the assembly line operators, who walked out the previous night”, he said.

This led to the stores and progress workers being sent home. The walkout by the stores and progress workers the next night meant that the assembly line men had to be sent home. The trouble arose from a strike on Wednesday for more pay by electricians. It caused delays on the night shift. and gave rise to assembly line workers asking for ” waiting time” payment at the rate normally paid during unavoidable breakdowns. Work returned to normal today.

At Morris Motors’ radiators branch in Oxford the strike by the canteen staff for more pay is continuing. They walked out yesterday over a demand for more pay.

Keith Adams

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