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2 Men Get Lost And End Strike

Two men agreed yesterday not to turn up for work for a fortnight—and ended the week-old strike of 4500 Jaguar car workers at Coventry. Mr Harry Adey (left), chairman of the factory shop stewards committee said the management had agreed to “lose” the two, Leslie Lines and Frank Diskln.

The factory, working flat-out on a £22,500,000 export order for America, was halted by the strike because Lines and Diskin did not join the one-day official engineering workers’ stoppage on February 5.

The strike ended with a mass meeting yesterday at which the strikers voted to return to work today. Mr Adey said Lines and Diskin had appeared before a meeting of the local Transport and General Workers’ Union branch and had each been “fined” £5. In addition, said Mr Adey, they had agreed to stay away from work for two weeks without pay.

Their earnings average about £33 a week each.

Keith Adams


  1. So the unions are for the “workers”??
    Two men refuse to strike, get “fined” by the union and expected to go without pay for two weeks as punishment for not taking art in a one day stoppage….
    It’s no wonder the country was in such a mess in the 60’s & 70’s

  2. There were other rules which seem strange today, the “closed shop” you could be working as a tradesman with a skilled grade set by a Trade Union such as an electrician in a factory, if you changed employer the Union may not back your electrician grade with the new employer, you would be reduced in grade to unskilled worker.

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