Archive : Uncertain week in car industry, 6250 BMC men idle.

By our own reporter

Many thousands of car workers, especially in the Midllands, face uncertain employment this week either from disputes which threaten the industry or from the effects of disputes already settled. Within the BMC group, 6,250 men will be idle as a result of the five-week dispute at SU Carburettors Limited, which ended on Wednesday. At the Longbridge, Washwood Heath and Cowley factories of the company, men are awaiting the call to return. Eight hundred car production workers, it is hoped, will return to work at the Rover works in Solihull.

The shortage of carburettor supplies which has closed production lines has also led to 520 men being laid off at the Pressed Steel Company’s factory at Cowley. At the Jaguar works in Coventry 950 men who reurned on Friday and will go in again today will be laid off tomorrow.

Keith Adams

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