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Workers at Morris Motors, Cowley, yesterday called for strike action over a £2 pay increase. At Cowley, neither side would comment last night after union-management talks over the strike, threatened for Monday. Workers passed the resolution after hearing that 80 of the factory’s 4,000 hourly paid workers were not to get the rise. The increase had been negotiated by the Amalgamated Union of Engineering and Foundry workers and approved by the Department of Employment and Productivity.

Mr Bobby Fryer, chairman of the Morris Motors shop stewards committee, said the increase was negotiated for all hourly paid workers and until the 80, who work in the export packing section, recieve it the company had not met the claim in full.

After 300 strikers at Jaguar Cars, Coventry, decided yesterday to return to work on Monday, their union organiser condemned the firm for alleging the strike was a fake. Jaguar claimed the strikers wanted a full attendance at a union annual meeting. Mr Fred Palmer, district organiser of the National Union of Vehicle Builders, said :  “The men felt strongly enough to strike to discuss their grievances and simply decided to take advantage of their being together to hold their annual meeting.”

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