Car of the Month : February 2003

This top-of-the-range Princess 2200HLS belongs to Kevin Davis, who also owns the Rover BRM featured in November.

Kevin describes the mint looking Princess: ‘It’s a 1980 2200HLS Auto finished on oyster gold with sorrel trim and was registered in November 1980 to a submarine commander, it was owned by him for 18 years until he passed away in 1998 when it was then handed to the last owner.

‘It has covered just 32,000 miles and drives as new. I paid the princely sum of £200 for it which was the vendors asking price – an excellent price considering it also came with the added bonus of a 12-month MoT. I intend to do a rolling restoration on it as it only needs some minor cosmetic repairs.’

The interior of this example appears to be almost unmarked – and it shows perfectly just how airy the front cabin of the Princess actually is. This photograph, however, does not do justice to the amount of front legroom the Princess has – it is far better than the more prestigious Rover SD1

Rear legroon is also superlative given the length of the car – try comparing this to any of it contemporaries – the Princess would always come out tops.

In the fading winter light, the flanks of this Princess look absolutely flawless. This Princess is without doubt a fine example of this underrated British family saloon.

Keith Adams

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  1. Gorgeous car and in a very nice colour! It shows the brilliance of Harris Mann’s original design!! I remember several of these growing up in Stourbridge, a BL heartland!!!! Good to see it preserved when so many have been lost now.

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