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Family Car Will Float At 90mph
By Patrick Mennem

Previous scoop image of BMC's new small saloon, taken in 1959
Previous scoop image of BMC's new small saloon, taken in 1959

A revolutionary family car is being developed from the successful Minis. It is a bigger, five seater saloon with a top speed close on 90mph. The new car will incorporate many of the principles the British Motor Corporation use in their Mini – cars — Including a crossways-mounted engine driving the front wheels.

Thenew saloon will have a revolutionary rubber and water suspension system. Water will be held between the rubber cups at the front and rear—to give a soft, secure, yet floating ride. The new car will look like a lower, longer Austin A 40. And its engine will be about 1,300cc — compared with the 850cc Minis and the 997cc engine of the 85mph hotted up Cooper Minis.

Experiments with the new car have been going on for many months. Now, I understand, production is scheduled for the autumn. The new models should appear at the Motor Show in October. Like the Minis, they will be way ahead, technically of anything else produced in Europe.

Keith Adams

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