News : Jaguar C-X16 to be unveiled in Frankfurt

Jaguar C-X16 sketch
Jaguar C-X16 sketch

The Jaguar C-X16 production concept will make its global debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 13 September. Designed by the same team that produced the Jaguar XJ, XF and XK, headed by Jaguar’s Design Director Ian Callum, the C-X16 concept is a precursor to future Jaguar sports cars that will aim to set new class benchmarks in design, vehicle dynamics and technology.

As the concept neared completion Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar Cars commented, ‘Great Jaguar cars have always been beautiful, innovative and have looked firmly to the future. The finished C-X16 concept has the potential to do these things while retaining the ability to surprise, excite and invigorate.’

Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar Cars commented, ‘Jaguar has set in place bold, ambitious plans for the future. This production concept demonstrates the depth of design and engineering ability we have within Jaguar to make these plans come to life. I look forward to sharing this latest, exciting step at the Frankfurt Motor Show.’


Keith Adams


  1. This looks stunning and I am not even a Jaguar fan!

    If Jaguars Cars can launch this within the next eighteen months as the speculated new entry-level sports cars in their portfolio costing from £45,000, then they will potentially have a real winner on their hands.

    Now do listen very carefully, Jaguar – no more silly aborted attempts at trying to bring out a new sports car to sit below the already impressive XK line-up. No more pointless design concepts that get people all excited but which ultimately leave them disappointed when they don’t enter production. No more huge time delays between unveiling something with production potential, but which takes nearly a lifetime to reach a showroom.

    Take a leaf out of Land Rover’s book and work your butt off to put this into production in a reasonable timescale, as I have already mentioned. We know you have the potential and the market needs something a little more hardcore to take on the likes of the Porsche Cayman.

    Don’t dream it, live it!

  2. Now that Jaguar Land Rover have found a successful business model, completely changed their profile by making desirable cars and have the complete backing of the huge cash reserves of Tata, is it really inconceivable that just one of the next 40 models lined up could be a Rover?

  3. Timbo – I, too, have questioned the prospect of the Rover name returning, following the announcement of so many new models expected to emerge from Jaguar Land Rover. I definitely want to see the Viking longship badge return, and on creditable, aspirational models. Hopefully something starting in the Medium sector (think R8 200/400 succesor) rather than in the Supermini market and then progressing onwards and upwards.

  4. @2 Is there not a very small problem here? They do not own the Rover name. The Rover name is tarnished. They already have a premium brand car name “Jaguar.” They could make smaller models to rival the Audi A1 or BMW 1 series badged as Jaguars. Simples! So why do they need the Rover badge?

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