Blog : MG6 owner’s final running report

Words and photography: Ant McGowan

Ant McGowan and his MG6 - now sold

My MG6 experience came to an end this week when I traded it in against a new SEAT Ibiza FR. After playing as much hard ball as I could with the dealer the reality is after 20 months on the road and 11,500 miles (nine months in my possession), my top-spec TSE lost 60 per cent of its original value. My reasons for changing stem from a number of issues. The problems I had last autumn with the steering and having to go back to the dealer four times before MG Motor UK got involved didn’t inspire confidence.

And then a week after getting the car back with the steering sorted, I had to get the AA out as the mechanics hadn’t re-fitted properly the air intake hose at the inlet manifold, with the air filter sitting loose, along with the pipework for the turbo. In fairness, since that time the car didn’t miss a beat. But other bugbears that I was prepared to accept became increasingly frustrating.The driver’s seat was much too high even in its lowest setting, and the seat base too short. The gearbox was increasingly recalcitrant when cold especially from first to second gear.

There was a high pitched rattle from the boot when going over speed humps (no matter how slowly) that no one could seem to fix. The car took a very long time to demist. After a number of attempts with different USB sticks I simply couldn’t get the ICE to play MP3 tracks. The sat-nav jumped roads in a haphazard way that I’ve never experienced with any other piece of kit. The sound quality from the stereo was rubbish compared to the standard fit item in my best pal’s Alfa Romeo MiTo.

The power delivery was lumpy and the fuel consumption unimpressive (I’ve never beaten 37mpg which I know isn’t that bad but increasingly frequent drives to Edinburgh with work were hurting my wallet). All-in-all, I still love how the car looks, and I remain proud that I played a small part in supporting MG’s re-launch.

But then I get to thinking, just how successful has this re-launch been? Derisory attempts at marketing, exceptionally poor sales, and little or no recognition within the trade I’ve heard of a couple of other ‘6 owners who have met considerable resistance from dealers when attempting to trade their cars in for something else.

After a few days with my new ride I’m really pleased.  The Ibiza is perfect for my needs and drives exceptionally well.  I know I’ve made the right decision.  I’ll continue to watch MG UK’s development (or the lack of it) with interest.  Will the ‘3 get things back on track, or will it also prove uninspiring in sales terms?

The folk running MG really need to get their acts together if they are in any way serious about making an impact.

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Mike Humble


  1. Think you are being a bit over dramatic with the depreciation,any top spec similar sized car will lose 60% against LIST price.
    Of course most people dont pay anything like list price.
    I have a Focus titanium,list 21k, I paid 16 k new ,in 20 months it will be part exable at about 10k,so similar depreciation to the MG,if i had paid list,which of course I havent and neither will any MG drivers.

  2. Wasn’t being overdramatic about the depreciation – only factual. Depreciation is a fact of life, and if you’re right Dave then the MG is no worse than Ford which is fair enough. And of course, I didn’t buy the car brand new, so I already had saved a considerable amount over list.

  3. Anyone would tell you that buying a new car then to p/ex it after 9 months is money down the drain no matter what car you buy. You say the fuel consumption was hurting your wallet, but it must be neither here nor there compared to the thousands you’ve lost on that car plus the cost of the new one.

    Maybe you should have stuck with it for a bit longer.

  4. Hello Kev – I’m in the fortunate position where I can change my car pretty much when I please (having no kids helps). However with the ‘6, fuel economy bothered me as frequent trips to fill up combined with the rising cost of petrol all added to an increasingly frustrating overall experience.

  5. It’s a shame you didn’t like your MG6, our white TSE has been perfect, very smooth, reliable over 10k miles and much admired, we’d definitely not want to change it…maybe you should have kept it longer

  6. The problem with MPG is it always feels alot at the pump but when you work it out you need quite an improvement to actually save a decent amount of cash.

  7. Lordminty – absolutely.

    Ian – I’m glad your experience has been better than mine, and I hope it continues for you 🙂

    Peter-109 – understand your point entirely, and as I say it was but one part of an overall sense of frustration with the car over the past 9 months.

  8. Lordminty – I meant I’ll absolutely come back and let you all know how the SEAT is working out. From my perspective, in terms of reliability, the MG had more than its fair share of problems so I’m hoping the Ibiza will work out better.

  9. My 21 year old R8 is coming to the end of its life. Very sad. It stopped depreciating a long time ago.

  10. Ignore those who said you’ve done wrong. You have done exactly right. The true used value of these cars will be felt in the next few months as the remainder of the 500 Avis cars hit the forecourts. It’s already looking bad, with them turning up on ebay at under £8k for cars under 12 months old.

    Skoda are finding it hard selling the similar sized Rapid, with dealers trying to shift the base model as low as £9k for a brand new unregistered 1.2, and even the top of the line 1.6 common rail diesel can be had from as little as £12k on the road!(list is £16,500) Even the mid range Fabia can now be had from £8,500, so with prices like these, what chance do MG actually have of shifting new metal?

  11. I think you did the right thing, Ant. It was brave of you to have bought one in the first place.

    As ever, MG Motors never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, and have failed to support this blogged-about car whose readers ought to be amongst those for whom MG should be trying to impress (I say that not out of a sense of our self-importance, but because most of us are fans of Rover cars, and would be in a position to wax lyrical had the products been worthy).

    I salute you for having had a go. Sorry it didn’t work out. SEAT is another marque with a bit of a chequered history- it would be interesting to see how you get on with it- whether it turns out to be a Cinderella or one of the ugly sisters.

  12. @1, Dave,

    Your Titanium is bound to lose more money proportionate to the list price because top-spec cars are always overpriced to begin with. A low-to-mid spec would have lost less.

  13. Shame, looks good in white.

    But what model year is it, may I ask? I think it was my Dad that once said never buy a fresh new car on it’s launch year but wait a year or two for the wrinkles to be ironed out.

    Anyway, shame it didn’t work out… hope the Ibiza proves a better work horse.

  14. It’s worrying that so many of the so few 6 owners are chucking them in so quickly.

  15. Good luck with the Seat, and well done for putting your money where your mouth is to check out a new MG.

    Shame it did not work out better

  16. I’m agreeing with those who have already said it is churlish to complain about relatively low MPG when you are trading in a car after only 20 months, in the same way that people will moan about an extra 60 or 70 pounds on their VED.

    Someone on Pistonheads forum published a very revealing set of figures comparing two real-world examples – running a used Maserati 3200GT compared to a new KIA. The Maserati was purchased sensibly and lost practically none of its value in 3 years of ownership. In those three years it actually cost £570 less overall than the KIA taking into account the massive depreciation. The Maser even had a couple of rather wincing repair bills but overall costs were still less (including fuel and insurance).

    People think fuel is expensive, but the ‘new car smell’ is far more costly.

  17. Not being funny mate but you knew the fuel economy of the mg6 was only 37 mpg when you brought it, so not sure why you would say this was a reason for selling. Also not being able to play an MP3 in and the sound of the stereo are really that major a fault? Seems like you didn’t play enough hard ball as their is a White TSE matching yours for sale at Arnold Clark for £11k , or have they had you in the neck. Hope you enjoy your seat, I am sure that you will have less problems than the 6 as you have purchased new so you won’t have the unknown history, like someone causing damage to it and you getting a wheel wobble!

  18. Yorkie I think all the Avis cars are back now so perhaps they have found the true used value. BTW the £8k was damaged repaired so not a true guide

  19. @11,But yorkie,months ago you stated that the Rapid will fly off the forecourt and it will kill off the 6 stone dead.
    The fact remains that although the 6 isnt marketed for reasons only known to SAIC the depreciation is no worse than any other mainstream car including a focus,which is a dear car once specced anything like a reasonably priced MG6 equivelant.
    Hardball? you on drugs? do you really think any dealer is going to do you any favours come trade in time? They are there to make coin full stop.
    Wonder what the sticker price is on your 6 once it is moved to thier other branch down the road.

  20. Basically the car isn’t good enough, not a bad car, but that simply isn’t good enogh in todays market. People wouldn’t buy MG/Rovers on sentiment when it was a British company,they certainly won’t now.

    Would be nice if MG’s Chinese owners got their act together, but I won’t hold my breath.

  21. I’m afraid I agree with the last comment – the car’s basic design is now nearly 6 years old, and attractive as it is (I’ve always liked the looks), it simply doesn’t compete in a market awash with very capable (albeit a bit dull) and much newer cars. Interestingly, I wonder if anyone’s tested the Magnette against the KIA Optima?

  22. And yet, within the last few minutes as I write this, Plato has won the first race of the Touring Car season in an MG.

    Other manufacturers would give their right arms for that.

  23. I think MG Motor UK need to put a 7 year warranty on their cars, and price the TSE including the Diesel at at least 3K lower than now for private buyers. For fleets they need to price it from £200 per month plus VAT, drop the S model and price the SE from £12k. Then they might shift some with some dealer events and selected database advertising. At a corporate level they need to advertise SAIC and explain that a major corporation is backing MG into the future. They are in no mans land at present and not getting the confidence of buyers. Full stop!

  24. 37 mpg isn’t bad for a 1.8 Turbo, you’d get similar average figures for most 1.8 petrol cars, though bigger cars seem to thrive on long journeys.

  25. Even though I can afford to buy new, it’s not worth it for the level of depreciation on any make of car. The snob value of driving the latest number reg plate doesnt entice me these days. A one year old car from a dealer looks and drives like new anyway – or should do, at a much cheaper outlay.

  26. Ant, the decision to change now is of course all yours – Factors which others see as slight may have niggled you more; only you know if the depreciation ‘hit’ is acceptable now or needs to be spread over longer ownership.
    However, if I was in a position to buy a new MG6 I’d like to think I’d be more like Ian @6. I’d like to be finding any problems only minor so I could happily enjoy this attractive, unique car for several years.

  27. bartelbe @21
    “People wouldn’t buy MG/Rovers on sentiment when it was a British company,they certainly won’t now.”

    Good point. I’m sure, however, they’d buy the 6 if it was at the right price, with a good guarantee & service package AND, of course, actually promoted. Kia, Hyundai started from nowhere not that long back. Now they are brands many happily consider. So, I’m sure SAIC can do the same with MG. They have an advantage in that they are re-establishing a brand as opposed to starting a new one. The heritage, the nostalgia is a bonus in terms of promotion not essential in terms of encouraging some kind of British sentiment purchase.

  28. @27, Paul,

    As ever, you dazzle us with your profound, yet concise eloquence.

    Ever thought about applying to join the diplomatic corps?

  29. Which FR did you buy? The diesel, the 1.2 petrol or the 1.4 petrol?
    I have had a few issues with my 1.4 and a few friends who have the same (or similar) engines in other VAG cars have had a few too. Luckily mine appear to have been resolved, although one person has been offered a replacement car (which isn’t the same spec. Or even the same model)

  30. Be wary of buying a three cylinder 1.2 VAG car. Apart from being noisy and slow, this engine can also fail prematurely due to cheap components from Eastern Europe. My friend, Malcolm, has a 1.2 litre Polo whose engine failed after 20,000 miles, fortunately the car was under warranty and the dealer knew of this problem.

  31. I’m quite genuinly envious of some of you guys who can afford to live with such high levels of depreciation. I have bought only two new cars out of the 80 or so I have owned – one a BL product and the other a French model (I won’t mention what cars exactly otherwise I’ll be told they were both c*** by someone!).
    My over-riding memory is of huge disappointment within a month or so when it hit me that once that milometer indicated more than 1,000 miles – it was an old car just like all the others I had had.
    My motorhome (as for most motor homes) doesn’t depreciate at anything like ‘car’ rates, I’ve probably lost a couple of grand on my 02 Alfa Spyder but it is a sought after model/colour so at least it’s starting to go up again, the 34 Wolseley won’t ever be worth less than it is now BUT the poor guy who bought the Mini Clubman lost oodles of money and everyone tells me it’s residual value rating is good!
    I have to give you guys a big than you – I couldn’t afford a new car and without you to buy them in the first place I would still be on my push bike.
    (Well, slight exaggeration………)
    Seriously though, we’ll done to Ant for supporting the Octagon and I do hope the Seat works out OK for you.

  32. ANd there’s me thinking of swapping my petrol XJ 3litre 2003, for a 2005 diesel to get 35 mpg !!! 37 mpg seems heaven to me. I must be living on a different planet.

  33. For what its worth…

    I couldnt bring myself to be Chinese metal. That now sadly includes Volvo.

    I (or my company=tax man) lost a mint on the bini…

    If you play hard nose with the stealers a 3 month old car is a good comprimise of value Vs Depreciation.

    Once youve had a belly full of a car, time to get shot…

    I have no herberts….and a zero tolerance for BS about cars. when its time to go, its time to shop

    Good luck with the Seat, A few of my pals have brought them and swear by them, not at them

  34. Speaking about VAG products, I find all German products to be hopelessly over rated. Having owned more cars than I can remember of near;y all makes and models as well as having worked with and on cars for the last 20 years, I can honestly say that German stuff is the most troublesome, BMW being the worst by far. Working on a ’58 plate 325d the other day that had 61k on the clock, had been mollycoddled by it’s one owner is was a worn out, rough pile of rubbish! Worn seat bolsters, electrical faults galore, writing wearing off the buttons in the car, stitching coming away on the steering wheel, creaking dashboard etc, the owner told me that all sorts had gone wrong with the car costing him thousands over the four years he owned it.. (Still seemed to love the thing though, curiously)

  35. I am coming to the conclusion that new/relaunched brands do well in the UK market by exceeding customer expectations – in the 70’s Japanese cars sold well due to above average content levels and reliability and the Koreans Hyundai/Kia (possibly as opposed to Daewoo/Chevrolet, Ssangyong, etc) are currently doing the same thing with design excellence and great warranties. Regrettably MG is doing the opposite – not meeting customer expectations/confidence in a demanding marketplace.

    It seems that recent 6’s are a lot better than the early ones (draw your own conclusions why…) and diesel 6’s will be a bit of a secondhand bargain in a year or two.

  36. I think the MPG is still quite competitive if you are in the market for a 1.8 petrol (the very new 1.8 Octavia is only a little improved at 38 mpg combined) Where the comparison ends is the CO2 for the new Octavia 1.8 is now down to 141 g/km (I think the MG6 is up at 174 which I know is better than at launch)and 0-60 down to just over 7 seconds – the bar keeps on moving and it will just be harder and harder for the MG 6 to keep up.

  37. Thanks to all for their comments 🙂

    On the fuel economy front, 37.1mpg was the best I was able to get from the ‘6 – it was more regularly down at the 32-34mpg range.

    My desire to change the car came from increasing frustration with the annoyances that I’d been prepared to accept when I bought it, coupled with a complete lack of confidence in my ‘local’ MG dealer (35 miles away) to sort issues without MG UK having to get involved.

    I still count myself as an MG enthusiast, and will when resources & space allow acquire a TF as a weekend play car.

    I also have to say that MG6 owners on the forums are a lovely lot – helpful & encouraging. There may be a bit of the Dunkirk spirit about them given the low sales & dismal marketing efforts from the mothership, but you couldn’t ask to meet a nicer bunch.

  38. The Ibiza is the 1.2 TSI version. When I test drove the demonstrator with the same engine I realised it had more than enough poke for my daily commute, and the FR spec has all the toys I’m looking for. I’ve heard about the engine’s thirst for oil when running-in so my limited technical skills are being applied by keeping an eye on the dipstick.

    Yes, I’m missing the MG6’s full leather and the reversing camera, but the Ibiza’s handily sized so it’s helping me to improve my reverse parking skills.

    All-in-all my first few days of SEAT ownership have been enjoyable, so I hope it continues.

  39. Regarding the comment about how much Arnold Clark are now retailing my ‘6 for – this is the first ‘6 that’s passed through their network so it’s a bit of an experiment for them. I sincerely doubt it will go for the sticker price, but you never know.

    I got a significant discount on the Ibiza (SEAT promotion, plus dealer contribution), and to be honest I was just happy to get out of the ‘6.

  40. @44 – Hello Keith

    One of the issues that caused me to pause for thought was when MG UK got involved to fix my car’s steering maladies last autumn. They wanted their involvement to be kept private, and they retrofitted a number of ‘improvements’ to the car from the latest versions to help assuage my concerns. I was left wondering about the standard of service being offered to other owners with problems, and was my higher level of treatment (which was to be kept private) purely because I was a blogger on AROnline?

    Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for their involvement, but I just wasn’t keen on their approach. And in my eyes the dealer (Morrisons of Stirling) remains pretty useless backed up by a similar experience from another ‘6 owner who bought from them.

  41. Just watch the oil consumption,i have had to replace one of those engines after it was drinking a litre a week,i had to weigh what oil was left and send it to VAG.Very surprised.

    On a brighter note,all cars are washing machines now,forget those very less than cast iron 7 year warranties-on cars normally sold in few numbers to the living dead that do a shop run every week,made from recycled materials and poor metal components,its mainly the bodyshells now that have cast iron integrity.

  42. Such a shame you didnt enjoy the MG6 , it looks amazing , much nicer and modern to look at compared to my 2008 Golf GTI (which incidentally has used a half litre of oil in 2000 miles). If its like the 2005 GTI I had before , its wheelarches will be starting to rust within the next 18 months as well.

  43. Sorry to hear of some of your experiences with the MG, especially in relation to getting some of the glitches repaired. At the end of the day, if the car is spending more time in the garage than on the road and you can afford to replace it, it’s probably best to do so. Better luck with the new ride!

  44. @51 – logically engines must consume oil but, FWIW, my Suzuki did 100+k miles and needed no oil at all between regular oil changes – the manufacturing tolerances were that good (no evidence of oil dilution by petrol, etc).

    Her indoors had a SEAT – not great. Ironic that SEAT has some BL genes through the Authi connection. SEAT seem to be back on track after a styling dead end – back to what customers want and keen to increase sales volumes.

  45. My Rover 25 after 13 years of use has done 180k miles and consumes less than a pint every 6500 miles. There was NO oil consumption up to 120k miles.

  46. Francis,

    My Scooby uses zero oil between services (Its oil/filter is changed every 6K)
    Her nibs Renault uses zero oil
    My VW golf 1.9 TDI used no oil
    Volvo used no oil (T5 R)

    A ratty old CVH escort drank it faster than me beer.

    My boat has 2 BMC 1.5diesels getting on for 30 years….they drip/seep oil here and there….BUT ive never needed to add oil between services.

    Are oils getting better maybe?

  47. Our old K-series 1.6 only just started to ‘drink’ oil – 1 pint between oil-changes, every 12.5k miles. The engine has done well over 160k miles now and I expect to get past 200k without much trouble. And when being changed the old oil does not even look that dirty.

  48. My 1.4 FR went through a period of drinking 4 to 5 litres of oil per 1000 miles – it is now down to 1 litre per 1000 and seems to be lessening….

  49. @54,Yes really,wether its cc’s or litres they use oil,while we may think our oil level never moves,you will have carbon and fuel dilution over a period of time.
    Just ask yourself why does you oil go black?if combustion by-products can get into the oil,then oil can be burned/consumed,either via blow-by or PCV.

  50. Always found it amusing that I ran a VW New Beetle Cabriolet and had oil consumption of 1l/1000 miles, and replaced it with an RX8 – which is ‘notorious for using oil’ (or as RX8 owners understand, ‘requires oil to operate and is designed to’) which went through 500ml every 2,500 miles…

    I drove the RX8 hard, which I believe helps.

  51. After 11 years of ownershp My Real British Car the Rover 75 tourer with 220.000 miles on the clock still runs well and never drinks any oil between 15000 miles servicing. It still has all the orginal clutch. springs,diesel pumps and injectors and drives like it did when brand new.

    The best British car ever built and still going , I BROUGHT Another LOW MILEAGE SECOND HAND ONE Because of my 2002 from brand new one for the wife a Cimmron Green 2005 54 plate touer diesel with only 29000 miles on the clock, like brand new for less than £6000. I would never buy a MG6 . These Rovers are the REAL deal….MG 6 NA just living off the REAL ROVERS

  52. A shame that you had to get rid. Though owning a car is a bit like a relationship, you have to find the right match or the right sets of compromises before you find something you’re happy to stick with.

    Saddens me that MG couldn’t keep you as a customer, even if they could’ve worked out a deal on an ex-demo diesel?

    37mpg wasn’t bad from a petrol. The Chrysler 300 V6 diesel I was eyeing up was quoted as 35mpg. Couldn’t justify that, would need my next car to be a lot better than the Honda’s 25mpg.

    An ex work colleague and friend had the previous Ibiza FR. He’s no car enthusiast, the only time it got a wash was when it was in for a service – but he did keep it well serviced, and it gave him no hassle. Was quick enough, though I found the suspension quite harsh. (Though at the time I was swanning about in a Xantia…). Another friend had the Fabia VRS which was the same engine and same platform, though the suspension was a bit more comfortable. Used for motorway journeys – 90k over 3 years it also gave no hassle. Though I do know Golf and Bora owners who have had nothing but trouble, guess you can get a good or a bad, luck of the draw.
    (I do suspect that a lot of good writeups in the motoring media are biased though – recently picked up an Auto Express in the hairdressers waiting seats and 1st page double advert was Audi, next page VW, 2nd next was Merc…)

  53. My family have a SEAT Altea TDI and apart from some niggles with the sidelights( I had the same problem with an Ibiza) it has been fine. SEATs seem to fall in the middle in most car surveys so I’d assume while not Lexus like for reliability, they’re not a bad purchase. Also they seem to look the part.

  54. Glenn, about 3 or 4 years ago I ran a 51 plate SEAT Toledo tdi. Gave trouble free service until about 83k miles. Was then effectively written off 2000 miles later when a third attempt to stop it from going on to ‘limp home mode’ again quickly failed.
    A fraction characterless but overall I liked it.

  55. Reminds me that I bought, new, a December 2007 Renault Megane Dynamique 2.0L for @£21,000 ($35,000) and in February 2010 traded it in for @£4,800 ($A8000) – in the end I called it my “Rattling Renault”.

    In the three years, two months I went through one battery, one starter motor, four sets of headlamps, three returns to the dealer over gearbox issues, another return to the dealer over the external door handle falling off, constant issues over the airbag warning lights, the dashboard and door trim rubber peeling off.

    By the time I traded it the car was due for its timing belt and water pump to be replaced and needed all four disc rotors and four sets of brake pads to be replaced plus the power steering pump was on the way out.

    When I traded the car it had just done over 110,000Kms (68,000 Miles).

    By the way I traded the car on a Proton S16 (Saga) which in three years has done 75,000 Kms (46,600 Miles) without missing a beat. The Proton cost me @7500 ($A12,500)

    Would I buy another Renault? Not bloody likely! My previous car was a Peugeot 405 which did 350,000 Kms!

  56. Megane has the worst record for failure of the MoT.

    Renault took over Nissan, the merger did not bring Renault up to Nissan standards, quite the other way around

  57. December 2007 to February 2010, i make that 2 years 2 months, and 68000 miles for £16000 depreciation about 26p / mile or around £640 / month in derpreciation

    • £640 / month in derpreciation

      I know why I drive an old Maestro – it leaves me much more money to play with for things I really like…. There is no way I would have been able to sink that much money into the Maestro, the average year it costs less then 1/2 that on servicing and repairs.

      Given that numbers of the Megane the new MINI could actually be a sensible buy. I recently looked out if I could fancy one of the very early ones. But apart from cars with damages, nothing comes up at less than 4000 Euros for 10-13 year old, small cars that were not that reliable to start with…

  58. Hello Ant, fair enough………….but a SEAT…………….SEAT….? One rung up the ladder from a Yugo isn’t it? Still, at least it’s not one of those Peugeot things I suppose. Hope it doesn’t bite you on the bottom.

  59. Id see SEAT as a direct competitor to MG?!!

    Theres nothing wrong with em.

    Shame it didnt work out with the 6. Ill probably still buy one when I can afford it though.

  60. Renault own 43% of Nissan, in turn Nissan have 15% shares in Renault, but this will end up increasing in Renault’s favour eventually. Most current Nissans rely heavily on Renault technology, and it is showing, as reliabilty is nowhere near as good as it once was

  61. Its been an alliance since ’99 it suits them why should it change? decisions by either party must be to the benefit of the other,even owning Lada,god knows why.They share engines and some US built petrol I4’s will end up insome Mercs as does the 1.5Dci (with considerable MB engineering) As the Wiki page states they enjoy circa 7 million vehicle sales a year worldwide.

  62. Do I detect increased promotional activity at MG UK?

    1. A bigger, more impressive stand at Pol
    2. Walked over to the showroom whilst at PoL. The 6 already features in Emmerdale and I heard the salesman (talking to a fairly keen customer) mention Coronation Street.
    3. Just been on Parkers Guide and they’re running a competition to win a 6.

    Not exactly huge promotional efforts but I do reckon there is a definite, softly, softly strategy.

  63. I’ve parted company with my SEAT Ibiza – the limitations of the 3-door practicality plus increasingly sore back & shoulders due to the driving position, spelt its doom. I was going to wait for the MG3 in order to give it some serious consideration (despite my well-documented problems with the ‘6 I had for nine months), but a friend suggested the Chevrolet Aveo. I had in my head the old Daewoo-derived car, but I was very pleasantly surprised that a new-from-the-ground up version was launched a year ago (Chevrolet’s marketing must be similar to MG Motor UK’s).

    The Aveo LTZ is perfect for my needs – plenty of space & practicality, aggressive looks (especially at the front), a plethora of gizmos, and fantastic economy with the diesel. The driving position is spot on too. The dealership worked up a really good deal, and all in I’m out-of-pocket £560 changing from the Ibiza.

    All MG Motor UK’s talk of the ‘3 challenging the MINI and DS3 sounds more than a bit hollow when you see what you can buy for just a bit more than what folk are speculating the ‘3s base price will be (around £10k). And base price Aveo’s can be had for around £8995 brand new. At the value end of the supermini market there’s plenty of choice, and inevitably it’s here that the MG3 will need to compete.

  64. My friend with the Ibiza FR found the suspension to be a little too harsh, especially on long journeys.
    He traded his in for a Mini Countryman…

    Was looking at a Chevrolet (also Seat which would’ve suited you for tradein!) dealer used section for a car for the other half. Those Aveos are a cracking bargain and a distinctive little car! A world away from Matizes of old.

    Was tempted by a Cruze saloon….

  65. Brave to buy an MG6 in the first place, but even more brave to post your story, including financial details on here!

  66. Even braver to buy a Chevrolet Aveo and paying £560 for the privelage.
    The Chevrolet website lists the Aveo at £10535 for the LS fitted with huge 15 inch steel wheels, so not that much of a bargain.

    Anyway hope you enjoy this one

  67. Wow the LTZ Diesel comes in at £14280 on the configurator with metallic paint!

    I think I would rather buy a Dacia Sandero

  68. Hey everyone 🙂 I didn’t pay anywhere near list for my LTZ diesel and I’ll be keeping this one for at least 3 years. I looked at the Sandero and consider it a good buy for someone wanting no frills motoring, but the interior quality wasn’t there for me. Plus, the Aveo uses GM’s Gamma II platform which is bang up-to-date, whereas the Sandero is based on a Clio from two generations ago.

  69. @79. antmcgowan,

    Good luck with your Chevy- let us know how it goes.

    Unfortunately Chevy didn’t do themselves any favours image-wise by rebranding Daewoos. So for most of us for whom Chevy is off the radar for, they’ll probably always be associated with cut-price Korean stuff- fairly or unfairly, no matter what the actual platform is.

    Chevy really need to come up with something very distinctive and market leading to make people sit up and take notice.

  70. My brother has owned 2 Chevvy Lacetti SX Estates which both covered huge mileages with very little problem. I quite like the look of the Cruze saloon, though believe it’s now discontinued in favour of the hatch.

    I too, used to think of them as rebadged Daewoos (true) but now they seem to be becoming accepted as “proper” Chevrolets.

  71. Well, I have read all the above reports and would like to say that after owning a “6” for 18 months and 15k miles the car has been superb. Yes my petrol engine does 37mpg, uses no oil and is a delight to drive. Furthermore, it has been admired by all my friends and I am proud to be a “6” owner. After 18 months there are probably points that are worth changing but come on lads I bet you could say the same things about your cars too!! Have just read that idiot Clarksons report in The Times on the “6” which just confirms my opinion of him. Does anyone take him seriously these days?

  72. Richard, a hell of a lot of people take him seriously and copy his views on cars when they can’t think of anything important to say themselves.

    Those that own German cars brown nose him and copy exactly everything he thinks.

    Some people that know nothing about cars at all, probably use him as a guide as to which to buy, so this review, if it’s gets into more papers will be like poison.

    We all know Clarkson is a funny at times moron, but some people treat him and everything he says like God.

  73. Cruze saloon is still there, and seems to be selling well to Taxi drivers with good finance packages (now that Skoda is edging upmarket).

    The Volt or the Camaro are 35k each. Head says the former, the heart says the latter…

    Corvettes are only available in Manchester or Cambridge.

  74. Hi all, does anyone think the MG6 is a good approved buy 12 and 62 reg TSE Models between £9995 and £10250 or motor point same but 13 reg £10999. What do you say. Have Kia Soul Crdi 2 09 reg really economical never less than 50 mpg. Would I be a fool to change? Like the MG3 too style model. Need something I can get in and out of easy back problems so need to be a bit higher up with good seats. Any comments welcome. Tks

  75. I certainly hope Mg Motor can get their act together. My MG6 had a clutch failure at 2276 miles and replaced under warranty. At 10270 clutch again failed due to the clutch release arm seizing up in the gear box casing. It took 10 days to obtain parts. Calls to Longbridge executives were all diverted to voice mail, they couldn’t all be at lunch! I would like to see this marque successful but must try harder.

  76. Still love my Magnette TSE! Got it brand new from Motorpoint back in October for virtually half price! I find the 29ish mpg good for a 1.8turbo round town and the performance is also spritely enough with good torque low down and good progressive acceleration high up in the rev range. I’ve heard some people say it feels more like 110bhp rather than 160 – well it does if you only use 110 horses in the mid ranges! Handling is superb! Leather is beautiful. The plastics are no cheaper looking than any other car in this bracket – (I’ve heard all the ‘cheap plastic’ comments too!)In fact I think the interior is quality! The only thing I’ve changed is the wheels for the 20″ that were on my ZTT. I still think the car looks superb and so do all the people who have commented on it daily! I’ll see how the reliability goes, but at 2500 miles so far all is good. I do get the common fault of ‘stability control fail’ message on and off, the gears are a bit crunchy when cold if you change too quick up to third ( but I’ve learnt to nurture when cold and all is ok) and creaky noise from steering when slow manouvring which I think is down to a rubber cover over the column shaft where it exits the bulkhead. These to me are minor niggles which I can sort. Here it is in the link below:-

    Needless to say I won’t be trading it for no Seat any time soon!

  77. I have just bought a second-hand petrol MG6 with a few miles on the clock from Perkins in Braintree for under £7000. I have a decent warranty on it and road-side assistance, but obviously hoping I don’t have to use either as I am looking forward to keeping it for a long time. Even having read various negative online reviews, after a decent test drive I am hopeful that I have bought a good car.

    I use to own a Seat Ibiza and found it reliable – if not a little unexciting unless the stereo was up loud! Through my work I drive a lot of hire cars, in the last 5 weeks I have driven: a Merc C-class; a Seat Leon (14 plate – with small rear window); a Seat Ibiza (not as nice as the Leon); a Kia Cee’d (better than expected); a Vauxhall Astra; and a Masda 6 saloon. All of which were good, but all of which have their faults and I would not have bought as cheap as my MG6.

    I guess what I am saying is that when I test drove the ‘6 I thought the handling was really good, it felt comfortable inside (reviews who make a song and dance about cheap plastic are throwing mud that could apply to all the cars I have recently driven for work!)and the cabin noise was low. It also feels slightly different to the identi-kit mid-range cars currently around and as a Brit having an MG – Chinese owned or not – feels special.

    Figures crossed my current optimism doesn’t wane!!

  78. Ive been using an MG6 TSE petrol for the last 2 weeks and have done quite a few miles – it has been brilliant!

    More fun to drive than many of its rivals, faultlessly reliable and the ‘dash plastics’ didnt cut my finger like the 13 plate Focus I used recently.

  79. I can understand generally the reasons behind getting shot of it, I’d not be impressed if the steering packed up like that (I’d be even less impressed if a garage left bits off, its only happened once and it’ll never happen again).
    However I am not so sure about the fuel economy ‘problem’. As has been said its a Turbo engine (which arent known for their economy in the first place) and its a 1.8 in a 2.0-2.4 class car. 37mpg average for that is pretty near miraculous. My little N/A 1300 doing mixed, mostly short journeys, is averaging between 38/39 and I am not a heavy boot driver.
    The trouble MG has and will have for a long time I suspect is there are very few people, even if they have the money, who will take a punt on a total unknown like the MG6 & to a lesser extent the 3. Neither are unattractive cars, but there are better options about and the unsure dealer situation and fairly gutless support from China is not going to help prospective purchasers. Not to mention chopping the things in at a massive loss is something most people just cannot afford to do.

    Im curious, of all the cars you’ve had, what was the best and worst and where does the 6 stand on that scale?

  80. Having read through all the comments, just wanted to say how delighted I am with my red MG6. Depreciation is not something i am overly concerned about as i travelled from Stirling area to London to get mine for a mere £11,500. Admittedly i was a bit dubious trading in my 12 plate BMW for it, but those fears disappeared as soon as i got in it. It is a stunning car and gets plenty of looks and comments from complete strangers. Very very happy so far!

  81. You’re buying a Chinese car which is based on now old Rover bits. MG died when our idiot government allowed the asset strippers to buy it. In truth it died decades before thanks to our useless politicians allowing BAE to starve it of investment.

    There is little point supporting indifferently made cars from China.

  82. I reckon 6-7 year old MG 6s must be extremely cheap to buy now due to very low sales and a bad reputation. They could be worth a gamble if you want a bangernomics family car that isn’t in banger territory yet and you live near an MG dealer.

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