Car of the Month : October 2008

We love to hear from AROnline’s international readers, so here’s one we couldn’t resist posting for Car of The Month. Not just because it’s an MGB in the USA, but because of it’s cost, condition and all round usability.

This particular car, an MGB Roadster in what looks like Sandglow is owned by Tim Hansen, a fellow fan of banger rallies, was picked up for a song, and looks set to enjoy a full and exciting life ahead…

MGB owner, Tim Hansen tells the story of his bargain MGB…

Words and pictures: Tim Hansen

Bargain B

I’M a longtime reader of the AROnline website thanks to the Street Safari people and my general fascination the history of the British motor industry (fuelled further by Top Gear and my peculiar desire for an SD1 or Princess… is there even a single Leyland Princess in the US?)

Anyhow, I digress. I just cleaned out my bank account (some $1900 US dollars) for a 1977 MGB. A friend of mine just picked up a running TR6 project and envy may have gotten the best of me. I’ve always wanted some sort of British roadster, but my choices are a bit limited. I can’t afford a TR6, and I can’t fit in a Spitfire or Midget, which leaves either MGB or TR7 and frankly I just dig the B more.

I was looking for an early ’70’s example with the chrome bumpers when I found this one. The disco-era mustard yellow speaks directly to my soul; then again, I have weird taste in cars. Could’ve had it for $1500 but someone beat me to it while I was stuck at work. Found it the very next day relisted for $2500 by the new owner who agreed to move it on for a quick $400 profit.

By every measure, it’s still a bargain; some older amateur work at fixing the sills but it’s in excellent mechanical shape and apart from the sill work solid as a house. I’ve had the car exactly 36 hours at this point and have already put almost 200 miles on it, largely up and down the coast of Lake Michigan here in Milwaukee, WI. It’s averaging just over 25 miles to the gallon, which I’m perfectly happy with.

Now to sort why the dash lights don’t work and find out why the horn blows the radio fuse…

Interior has stood the test of time well


Bold graphics look good…

An MGB, the summer, and the beach… does it get any better?

The obligatory handshake shot

Keith Adams

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