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TV Journalist Michael Kirsch was once saved by three Bosnians. To repay the debt, he drove a £190 Marina to their war-ravaged country to try and get them out…

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This feature was originally published in CAR Magazine in November 1994…

One remarkable story…

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Keith Adams


  1. Should have read something like: Octane and Practical Classics come close to matching the old Car magazine (not the new one, it’s one big car advert).

  2. Remember reading this at the time, Car magazine back then was full of fantastic stories like this and others (Edinburgh on a Monkey, James Ruppert’s Crap Car Cup, won by James May – yes, that one – and Paul Horrell, Kerbcrawler by James Ruppert), whereas now it seems to be full of new expensive supercars and German luxury saloons.  

    They were never afraid to speak out if a car wasn’t any good.  I remember their verdict on the long term Golf VR6 they ran – the front page is below.  What car magazine would dare to upset their advertisers by running a cover like that nowadays?  

    From the mid-Eighties to the mid-Nineties there was nothing to touch it.  Still isn’t, although Octane and Practical Classics come close.

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