Car of the Month : November 2002

“Rover 200 BRM: surely one of Rover’s most distinctive and underrated cars ever”

Car of the Month for November brings us a more modern car than the traditional fare for this site: this 2000 Model year Rover 200 BRM is one of a handful sold in this country. Its owner Kevin Davis is very proud of his car, and rightly so, because not only is it fast and stylish, but it is also rather unique…

Front view shows perfectly the low and aggressive stance that the lowered suspension exaggerates. The addition of the orange air intake surround may have been controversial, but it harked back to the 1960s BRM racing cars – and gave the 200 BRM a clear link with past glories.

Uncluttered rear view with minimal badging lended the car a classier appearance than many of its rivals of the time – and the chrome fittings on the bumper and number plate surround were matched by the aluminium-look side rubbing strips and door mirror cases.

Love it or hate it bright red interior with polished aluminium fittings…. I for one, love it – I wonder is Kevin will sell me his car?

Kevin Davis loves his 200 BRM and here are a few words from the man himself: “It is a 2000 model year, V-registered BRM, and is number 575 of 795. I have had the car for exactly one year now and I have no plans to sell it as yet. What I enjoy about it most is the sheer rarity of it, I mean, whats the chance of seeing another one every time you go out? In my experience, pretty slim. Also, the BRM is a much better car overall than an MGZR, the BRM’s red leather interior and turned aluminium heater controls and details really make a difference. Performance is excellent, as you would expect from the 1.8-litre VVC engine and the comfort and handling compromise is just about right. As for the orange ‘snout’ I like it and anyone who paints theirs silver or red is just confusing the issue even more IMHO!”

Keith Adams

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