Car of the Month : August 2008

We like rescue stories, and none come better than this one – caught languishing on the forums by Trevor Hallworth, this 220GSi, has been fastidiously kept, and had it not been for his eagle eye, could well have been heading for the dog-house.

In white and with just over 40,000 miles on the clock, this is a rare beast right for being cherished.

Words and Pictures: Trevor Hallworth

Pet rescue

I SPOTTED this car in the AROnline forum for sale – stuck with a couple of small faults, it seemed too good to be true for the money. With a mere 43,000 miles on the clock and backed up with the most comprehensive service history, I knew I needed to have a look. As I already own an R8 that’s not exactly been a trouble-free ride, I needed to be wary. Especially as there’s really room for one R8 in my life right now.

Luckily, when I got to see the car, I was pleasantly surprised. This car has been seriously pampered throughout its life, receiving main dealer services every six months (in one case, it had done less than 400 miles since the last service) and has had not one, but two cambelt changes in it’s low-mileage lifetime. If something beeped, creaked or cracked it went straight into Rover. ABS overhaul, exhaust rattles, radiators (x2), alternator and battery – wallop, straight in it went. Considering the treatments most R8s receive these days, this was akin to the discovery of the lost city of Atlantis.

I’ve added up the receipts, just for a giggle, and the total comes up to over £5000. Oh, and believe it or not, it’s on a private plate (receipt and certficate from the DVLA also in the history). Not sure of the make up, I can only assume L as it was an L reg, 22 for a 220 and JTC was his initials. Bit spooky though as my other GTi is H23 – so thats 22 and 23. Anyone got aTurbo with 21 or 24?

As for my plans – not sure yet, but I plan to keep it just as it is and enjoy the new-car feeling. There are a couple of jobs to do, which should be completed in the next month or so…


Back to back with Trevor’s other 200 – you may have seen it before.

Sporting without the stigma (as it was) of the GTi badge.

Mileage is low…

Half leather interior looks enticing.

Keith Adams

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  1. Just stumbled upon this article, I have actually owned this very car since 2010, it has still only done 62000 and is in fine condition

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