News : Vauxhall ADAM underpins GM’s UK strength

The UK is a shining light in an otherwise bleak European car market, according to Vauxhall Chairman and Managing Director, Duncan Aldred. Speaking after the unveiling of the new ADAM city car on the eve of the Paris Motor Show, Mr. Aldred said manufacturers in Continental Europe are looking with envy at the UK market which is expected to see close to 400,000 registrations of 62-plate models in September.

‘This sort of figure makes us stand out in the European market place,’ he said. ‘The UK is a shining light in an otherwise bleak market, particularly when you look at southern Europe as a whole.’

Mr. Aldred said that, while the huge Russian market took millions of cars, it is not particularly profitable for car makers and even the traditionally strong German market  is showing signs of slipping but the UK is a profitable place in which to sell cars, helped by the exchange rate and the weak Euro.

He went on to call for the Government to help the UK motor industry with a strategic long-term plan which it would stick to and consider how the automotive sector could be helped to create jobs and wealth in Britain by attracting more manufacturers and component suppliers to make more in the UK.

‘With the work being done by the Automotive Council the Government now realises the enormous potential of the sector to create wealth in Britain,’ said Mr. Aldred, adding, ‘What we need is not only more locally sourced components which would cut down on logistics costs but also more cars and vans being built here and there is no reason why in a few years we should not be making all the cars we buy here.’

Vauxhall want to triple the UK-content in its Astra cars built in Ellesmere Port and Vivaro vans out of Luton but needs more supplier support to raise it from the current 10 per cent to 30 per cent by value. Ironically, this week, the two Vauxhall plants suspended production for five days to reduce over-supply into Europe and Mr. Aldred said he hoped this would be the only time they did it but they had to look at developing situations all the time.

He said the new ADAM will be in dealerships in February for between £11,255 and £14,000 and claimed it would break new ground with its dramatic exterior and interior styling and features which provided over a million possible combinations for buyers.

The ADAM will be sold in three trim levels, Jam, Glam and Slam with 69bhp 1.2 and 85 or 98bhp 1.4-litre petrol engines and later there will be a 1.0-litre direct injection petrol with six-speed ‘box which dips under the 100g/km mark. Paint and options include the latest in car media systems  which will be cutting edge and highly desirable.

Vauxhall anticipate selling between 10,000 and 12,000 ADAM models in Britain in a full year and that 80 per cent will go to retail buyers.

[Source: Headline Auto]

Keith Adams


  1. This will sell no doubt about it – someone’s dislike is another one’s like. I also like the the MG3, but it’s not on sale yet and its a size up from the Adam.

  2. There were a couple of great retro colour schemes on the Opel stand at Paris – it would be nice to see them used on a good car.

  3. I too like the ADAM. I wonder though, in this market is a style which harks back to an earlier car not fundamental to its appeal – MINI, Beetle, Fiat 500.

    Viva would have sounded rather cool in today’s world I think, although a 3 box body may not have been so appropriate!!

    Then again, how many of these cars’ buyers will be aware of the originals anyway?

  4. Exactly, I too initially thought the Adam should have been called Viva – but given the last old Viva was built in 1979 I doubt any potential Adam buyer will be aware that it ever existed! Perhaps a 3 box version of the next Corsa, aimed at a more mature market than the Adam may be the right way to bring back the name?

  5. Viva was being used in Russia for a 4 door version of the late 90s mk4 Astra.

    It is also used as a 5 door Chevrolet hatchback in South America.

    Holden used the name on a Lacetti.

  6. Viva – that brings back memories.

    We had a white one – one of the HC models – its one of the first cars I can remember (showing my age). They are amazingly pretty cars I think. I am almost tempted to try and find one.

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