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Albion Chieftain
Albion Chieftain

Albion Motors of Glasgow have introduced a new range of seven-ton payload diesel trucks for home and export, the Chieftain Super Six series.

There are three haulage models, three tippers and a tractor for fifth wheel coupling, all powered by a 106 b.h.p. Leyland diesel engine. They have air- operated hydraulic brakes and recirculatory ball type steering. On test a Chieftain Super Six has returned more than 17 m.p.g., averaging 30 m.p.h. over an undulating 20-mile route. On braking tests it has stopped from 30 m.p.h. in 53ft. and from 20 m.p.h. in 27ft.

Keith Adams


  1. We had lots of these trucks in Mauritius. They made a really tremendous ground breaking / earthquake noise when passing by! I remember the superb Albion logo at the front of the truck. They were all painted green & white. Not a single one left today here. I also think they had 8 wheels at the back instead of the 4 wheel on the pic

    • That sounds like the articulated version mentioned. Albion still exist and still make axles in Scotstoun, Glasgow.

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