Car of the Month : January 2002

Peter Wood’s Princess.

One of the last Princesses, and by this time (1981) the car had just about realised its potential.

Peter’s Princess has been lightly modified, but done so in such a way that it only accentuates the bold Harris Mann design, as opposed to detracting from it. The alloy wheels are from the Triumph Dolomite Sprint/Stag, the bumpers appear to have non-standard overriders on and the rear seats include head rests – something the Princess never – but should have – had. The strident yellow also compliments the car perfectly. Well done, Peter!

Keith Adams


  1. Those are Stag wheels – Sprint wheels had 8 spokes. The Stag wheels were also an option on late MGB’s, in a desperate effort to return some of the grip sacrificed by jacking the whole vehicle three inches up to get the bumpers at the right height for the USA reg’s. The wheels were perhaps the only saleable part of Stags by then – I remember a new Stag sitting in the showroom of the Light Car Company (Kennings) in Derby for over two years!

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