Auto Shanghai 2011 : First images of MG’s Concept 5

Words: Keith Adams Photographs: Harry Metcalfe

MG5 concept unveiled in Shanghai
MG’s Concept 5 unveiled at Auto Shanghai

The stars are out at Auto Shanghai today, with a raft of important new car announcements and unveilings taking place at what is likely to become the industry’s most important event in the coming years. The ‘British’ manufacturers are treating Shanghai extremely seriously, with new products and concepts rolling out at at impressive rate.

MG is leading the way, of course, with the new MG Concept 5 – it’s interesting to see that its styling has remained close to the concept images revealed last week. Will that translate to a similar looking production car? Historical evidence suggests it will – albeit in toned-down form – if the MG6 and ZERO Concepts are anything to go by.

Further stories as the day unfolds…

MG5 concept unveiled in Shanghai
MG’s Concept 5 unveiled at Auto Shanghai


Keith Adams


  1. It’s refreshing to see the Chinese redressing the sexist nature of car advertising by including male models.

  2. The MG Concept 5 looks almost futuristic. However, if the MG6 is anything to go by, by the time you can actually buy the thing after around five years of sneak previews, presentations at Top Gear Live, First Drives and appearances at Goodwood, the production version will be as fresh as sour milk!

  3. Tell this Harry Metcalfe chap he has made the publishing “big time” now his photographs are on AROnline !

    I hope the scuttle line drops though – it might look frumpy in the metal. Keep ’em coming MG, I might be swayed yet!

  4. To my eyes, at least, the MG Concept 5 looks VERY much like some of the later renderings by Peter Stevens’ crew, just as their earlier work presaged the mid-century GM Europe offerings. They were a far better team of Designers than they were given credit for.

  5. The MG Concept 5 looks nice. The rear looks a tad heavy, but that seems to be the fashion these days, and few have ever complained about a Golf’s rump being too much. Let’s hope it doesn’t get toned down much at all – I’d love to see MG becoming more courageous.

  6. LOL, I agree but then don’t they all. The Concept 5 looks pretty good to me – I hope the car makes it into production.

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