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Land Rover Discovery

I know it’s early days, but my new Land Rover Discovery is really proving difficult not to like. With some spit and polish, it’s starting to look quite respectable, a fact helped by its really appealing colour. It’s far from perfect, but when it came for next to nothing, niggles take on much diminished significance.

Since I picked it up, it’s not been in my hands much. Richard Kilpatrick borrowed it for a few days, and still managed to fix a few things such as the gaffer-taped sunroof (below) and mouldy sunvisors, while my partner then took it up to Blackpool for a couple of days. Still, that’s not so bad, as it meant I could use her MINI. In both cases, they loved using the old beast, and came back raving about, I guess, its honesty.

I finally bagged a drive yesterday, and headed into the country. And also enjoyed the experience. Clearly it’s a bit unwieldy in the country, but in town and on the motorway, its lofty driving position, great visibility and long-legged gearing all work in its favour. So, yes, it’s an appealing old bus, and will prove very useful in my life very soon.

The faults list reads as follows, and I’ll crack on with that just as soon as I get a moment.

  • The engine runs cold all the time – new thermostat needed
  • The engine fan is missing
  • The stereo sounds dreadful – crossover/amp/speakers
  • Rear sunroof needs cleaning up
  • Check the state of all the tyres
  • Put a new front bumper/valence on it
  • Swap out the Safari grille for a standard one

I’ll maybe use it for a week’s commuting, and see what else emerges, or whether I’ll fall under the same spell others seem to have done. At least I know I won’t get done for speeding.


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  1. Hi there. Nice article. This reminds me of Police Land Rover Discovery used in Mauritius in the 1990’s. They all had the 4.0 powered V8 petrol engine!! Why did they had the 4.0 V8 instead of diesel engines at the time, we don’t know exactly 🙂 ! The police used Discovery v8’s were terrible gas guzzlers. They were all white & blue. And were known to be a unreliable because of terrible maintenance! Since this episode mauritian police force do not use Land Rovers anymore! They only use Toyotas now! Some Discoverys have been sold to private owners. But we don’t know where the v8 engines have gone.

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