Austin Morris Day at Brooklands

The Brooklands Austin Morris day is a shrine for all those owners of (non-Rover) BMC>Rovers, who like to show their cars off to each other.

Kevin Davis, representing was there, and laments the lack Maxis, Marinas and Allegros…

Three “Wedges” hold their head up high amongst the glut of Morris Minors on display.

THE annual Austin Morris Day took place on Sunday March 21st, at the Brooklands Museum at Weybridge in Surrey. I was expecting a good turnout of Austin and Morris cars but it would seem this event should be re-named the Morris Minor Day! There were dozens of them, of all shapes and sizes, from 2- and 4-door saloons to vans and Travellers. In fact, you would think it was the only car Morris ever made, such was their presence, as there was a serious lack of any other models from the Austin-Morris stable.

Lots of Minors: surely there is more to Austin-Morris than this?

However, myself, Jeff Davis and John Capon displayed our three Princesses, which was a welcome distraction in a car park full of Minors. We managed to put the Austin-Rover Resource flags and banner up on the fence, which gave a nice backdrop to what we were about, and we got a steady flow of onlookers showing an interest in the cars.

Sadly, there were no Austin Maxis, only one Allegro and two Marinas in attendance in addition to our Princesses, though we were graced with the presence of a very nice Austin 3-Litre, which attracted a lot of attention (probably because the owner somehow managed to infiltrate the Morris Minor display!)

Austin 3-Litre: adding class to the proceedings

The weather was very kind, with only two heavy showers to break up the warm sunshine. Overall it was rather a lacklustre event; if Morris Minors float your boat then this is the event for you, otherwise it seems most other Austin Morris related clubs avoid it and prefer to show at the Classic Cars Live event at Alexandra Palace, held on the same weekend. Still, it was nice to represent the Club at the show, but I don’t think I’ll bother next year.

Little and large: camping BL style.

(Note: It seems to me that there is potential for the Marina, Allegro and Maxi owning members of the “community” to attend next year’s show in larger numbers, and get their cars put on the map. Given that the oldest Marina will now be 33 years old, the oldest Allegro, 30 and the oldest Maxi 36, it is high time that their owners proudly paraded their cars…. and hold their heads up high!)

ADO16s on parade: a sight to warm the cockles of the heart

Report and photographs by Kevin Davis.

Keith Adams

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