Events : Preview – BMC/BL Rally, Peterborough

Mike Humble

BMC Rally

Well, it’s here again, folks. The BMC/BL Rally at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough on Sunday 7 August. As the show season slowly starts to wane, this epic gathering of all things British – from Austin to Wolseley – is a treat for those who regularly attend. And it’s a must-see for those who have yet to visit.

Set in superb surroundings, this show has only one theme: to celebrate our turbulent motor industry, from all the divisions of what was BMC to the latter-day MG Rover Group. Admission is £5 if pre-booked, or £9 if you just turn up on the day.

The autojumble on site is superb, catering for those looking for trim for a Triumph, or some mats for a Marina. Ferry Meadows is a short skip and hop from the A1(M) and this year’s event will hopefully make up for the cancellation of the Pride of Longbridge gathering which was reluctantly called off back in April due to snow.

Minis Metros Maestros Maxis... you name it. If its BMC through to MGR its bound to have a presence.
Minis, Metros, Maestros, Maxis… You name it, if it’s BMC>MGR, it’s bound to have a presence

AROnline has cobbled a small pitch where site fans could gather in one place to meet, greet and network at the past two Peterborough shows. However, after a top-level secret meeting, we have decided not to organise a pitch for this one. That’s not because of any lack of interest, but more down to our respective workloads being so hectic.

Keith and I will be there on the day, but only just simply to soak up the sun and share love for our once-mighty British Motor Corporation. If you spot us, don’t be shy… do say ‘hi’. The Project 416 will be gate-crashing onto the Rover 200 and 400 Owners Club stand for anyone who actually wants to see one of our project cars in the metal.

So there you have it, trust us it’s a great show with plenty to do and see for all ages. CLICK HERE for details of how to pre-book your car if you want to display it.

See you there?

Mike Humble


  1. You’ll be very welcome on the Rover 200&400OC stand, in fact it’ll be good to have another 400 there. They are usually outnumbered.

    All 200s and 400s are welcome – from 213/216s all the way through to 25s, 45s and Streetwises (if that’s the plural of Streetwise…).

    Look out for our enormous new club flags – you can’t miss ’em!

  2. I’ll Be there again with the ex project 75, if the weather plays ball then it’s a cracking day out, the auto jumble is always a well worth it time killer.
    So see you all there.

    • Hi Neil, hi Mike,
      I hope to make it too …. will bring “Mike’s Rover 75” along to reminisce over!
      See you there

    • Unfortunately we had to sell our Jag, I bought a Mondeo. I suppose we could turn up in the Mitsubishi in an act called “Longbridge: My Part In Its Downfall” – or maybe we’ll just stay away. Actually, we have a clashing family event – maybe next year.

  3. I will be taking R8 car No.1 for its first visit to Peterborough. It will be on the Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club stand.

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