Events : ‘Comps’ Maestro to Le Mans 24 Hour

Keith Adams

Friend of AROnline and all-round good-egg, James Agger, is taking his latest purchase to this year’s Le Mans 24 Hour, and is hoping to raise some money for BEN, and a few smiles along the way. The car he’s picked up is an original ex-Rodacar Ledbury-built Maestro, with that ideal LHD set-up, and 1.3-litre A-Plus engine with five-speed gearbox. The car, which previously belonged to AROnline reader and correspondent Ian Merriman already has a competition history, and James is hoping that his trip to Le Mans will be a canter in the woods for this seasoned rally regular.

James and three of his ex-TVR dealing friends have decided to take the Maestro instead of their usual Blackpool-built steeds. James said, ‘it’s something slightly different to say the least. When Peter Constable (Newtown Motors Ex- TVR Main Dealers) and myself used to work on TVR Engineering’s Motor show stands in the late 1990s and early 2000s, we always ended up harassing prospective TVR customers, who walked onto the stand on the last day for donations to the charity BEN. So we have organised this trip to make some money for said charity.’

He added cheekily, ‘…what could possibly go wrong with four grown men in a car that might just top 75mph downhill with two spare tyres on the roof rack and a 900-mile Journey! We will be camping in the centre of the track at Houx, I’m sure those that are going will not miss the car. On Saturday, we will be rattling our charity pots around the circuit.’

If you see James and the BMC Comps-inspired Maestro at Le Mans – or on the way down – do chuck ’em a few quid. It’s all for a good cause.

The car

  • LHD Rover Maestro, built in Bulgaria from the ex-works CKD kit
  • 1275cc A-Series, with single SU carburettor
  • Driven Across Spain 2007/2008
  • Completed Staples to Naples Rally 2009
  • Tour of France 2010
  • Charity Run France March 2012
  • Thinly disguised as a tribute to Paddy Hopkirk and the BMC Rally cars of the 1960s

Keith Adams


  1. The car looks great and has proven itself, I reckon with that A+ under the bonnet it would be a real hoot to drive!

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