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Land Rover’s celebrating the 1,000,000th Discovery by going overland to Beijing. And we’re joining the team for the Chinese leg of the adventure…

    Land Rover Journey of Discovery - we're doing the Chinese leg of the adventure to the end in Beijing
Land Rover Journey of Discovery - we're doing the Chinese leg of the adventure to the end in Beijing

Land Rover’s remarkable 50-day adventure from Birmingham to Beijing is about to enter its last phase, and we’re going to join the three car team for the last 1500 miles, as it drives across Northern China and on to its destination of Beijing – just in time for the motor show.

So far, the Journey of Discovery as travelled through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan – and is about to cross into China. The journey is inspired by the first 1955 Overland Journey from England to Singapore which covered 18,000 miles, taking six months and six days. Several other expeditions tried, but no other vehicle managed to get through India, over the jungle-clad mountains of Assam, across northern Burma to Thailand and Malaya.

To mark this one millionth milestone, Land Rover are again embarking on another a remarkable Journey of Discovery and are aiming to raise £1 million for the company’s Global Humanitarian Partner, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in support of a much needed water sanitation project in Uganda.

You can see the highlights so far on the Land Rover Blog, and interactively follow the journey via Google Maps (below). Please take some time to click on the video links – there really are some great ones on there. We’ll be blogging along the way once we join the team, too – sharing the sights and sounds of Northern China.

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Keith Adams


  1. good on you Keith! I ll think of you tomorrow when im driving to work in my Disco (1995 v8) good luck and have fun. alex

  2. This is a great bit of publicity for Land Rover and wish them all the best of luck on what remains of their journey. Good to see AROnline getting involved with and reporting a great current British manufacturing success story too.

    Here’s another interesting link, derived from one of the above links, showing the 1 millionth Discovery 4 being built at Solihull.

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