Events : London-Cape Town, day six

Keith Adams

The teams are now in the Mediterranean after a challenging day in Greece

Day six
Blue Star Ferry, Mediterranean

The Greek Mountains were a stunning backdrop
The Greek Mountains were a stunning backdrop

The story of the rally today has been one of attrition and a battle of the elements. Over half the rally became stuck in glutinous mud this morning. The rally leaders got through, but in the process, churned the surface and the later numbers made things more difficult – two cars then spun sideways blocking the route. The French Morgan V8 of Pierre-Henri Mahul was an early-morning retirement, slipping off the road on black ice and snapping the chassis rails.

There were six World Cup timed sections today, and the most competitive, and demanding of rallying days so far, incorporating some classic ground from the Acropolis Rally. Everyone has their own story to tell. But through the challenging day, the Maestro soldiered on. Gill said, ‘Another fantastic day! Jane continues to drive brilliantly and the Maestro is doing us proud. Six fabulous tests, including more rough Acropolis Rally stages and a fabulous uphill stage, on tarmac. The weather has been dreadful, making the twisty Greek mountain roads treacherous! But we have now regained 4th position and even managed to beat the Subaru on the tarmac test.’

Great result, keep it up!

Top five overall

1 33 30m 06 1 B Owen Turner GB Matthew Fowle GB 2002 MG ZR 1589
2 14 36m 54 1 E Andy Actman GB Andy Elcomb GB 2010 Toyota Hilux 3000
3 23 44m 01 2 E Steve Blunt GB Bob Duck GB 2006 Subaru Impreza 1994
4 15 59m 04 2 B Jane Edgington GB Gillian Cotton GB 1986 MG Maestro 1598
5 17 59m 07 1 D Renger Guliker NL Pim ‘t Hart NL 1985 BMW M535I 3406

Keith Adams

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