Gallery : AROnline Special Tuning 2 of 3

For your Christmas viewing pleasure. Andrew Elphick’s been busy with his scanner to bring you some quirky advertising taken from car magazines over the years.

It’s a major trip down memory lane for those of a certain age; and for the rest of you, they’ll raise a smile or two. Click on the images to see them in full-size.

How times have changed, eh?

Here’s the second gallery gallery – stay tuned for more…

Scan 105_2

Scan 105

Scan 86 15.27.48

Scan 87 15.27.44 copy

Scan 89

Scan 90_2

Scan 92 copy

Scan 82 15.28.02_2

Scan 82 15.28.02 copy

Scan 79 copy

Scan 77

Scan 76

Scan 21

Scan 58 15.35.29

Scan 71 15.34.43 copy

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  1. “British Leyland specify Ferodo [brake linings] for their outstanding new Allegro!”

    Well that’s me sold then 😉

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