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Rover 400

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Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
BMR-1002-715MG XPower SVFront 3/4, industrial setting22/10/2002MGUK
BMR-1002-725MG XPower SV – Ian Moreton, production manager; Giordano Casarini, Chief Engineer; and Peter StevensFront 3/4, industrial setting22/10/2002MGUK
BMR-1002-734Actress Tracey Shaw with the MG XPower SVFront 3/4, industrial settingOct 2002MGUK

MG X80

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
RGS-0901-326New luxury performance sports MG codenamed X80Front 3/4, in motion11/09/2001MG X80UK
RGS-0901-327New luxury performance sports MG codenamed X80Rear 3/4, in motion11/09/2001MG X80UK

MG Z-cars

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
RGS-0701-224MG ZS 180Front 3/4, in motionJul 2001MGUK
RGS-0701-230MG ZT 190Front 3/4, in motionJul 2001MGUK
RGS-0701-242MG ZRFront, by treesJul 2001MGUK
RGS-0701-296Central Motorway Police utilises four new MG ZS vehicles on Birmingham’s access slip roads, to deter speeding motoristsFront 3/4, at roadside23/07/2001MGUK
BMR-0902-635MG ZT 160 1.8T – Monogram Lagoon Supermetallic ZT saloon features optional ‘Straights’ alloy wheelsFront 3/4, slantedSep 2002MGUK
BMR-0902-638MG ZT-T 160 1.8T – Monogram Lagoon Supermetallic ZT-T features optional roof barsFront 3/4, outside buildingSep 2002MGUK
BMR-1002-706MG ZR & ZS Atomix SE – with Atomic KittenFront 3/4, in studio22/10/2002AtomixUK
BMR-1102-762MG ZR Turbodiesel/115 Turbodiesel – Trophy Blue pearlescent paint finish with optional ultrasonic rear parking sensorsRear 3/4, from aboveNov 2002MGUK
BMR-1102-770MG ZS 180 – Monogram Saffron Supertallic paint finish with optional ultrasonic rear parking distance sensorsRear 3/4, at RockinghamNov 2002MGUK
BMR-1102-777MG ZS 180 – XPower Grey Metallic paint finishFront 3/4, from aboveNov 2002MGUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
P0001507MGF 1.8i SteptronicFront 3/4, in motionn/aMGUK
RGS-0402-490The 1.5 Millionth MG – painted in new Monogram Jubilee paintworkFront 3/4, by MG Rover Group signApril 2002MG02 OTFUK
BMR-1102-782MG TF 160 – Monogram Sunspot chromactive paint finishProfile, with hood downNov 2002n/aUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
175648MG MG’C’ SportsFront 3/4, close-upn/aEFC 776FUK
175652MG MG’C’ SportsFront 3/4, by treesn/aEFC 776FUK
198632MGB GTFront 3/4, in fieldn/aMGB GTUK
198650MGBFront 3/4, in fieldn/aMGBUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aAustin SevenFresh from the production line at Longbridgen/an/an/a
8003/7Austin Mini MkII Super DeluxeUnderbonnet, from front 3/4n/an/aUK
8004/7Austin Mini Cooper ‘S’ MkIIDashboardn/an/aUK
8004/10Austin Mini Cooper ‘S’ MkIIRearn/an/aUK
174536Austin Mini MkII Super DeluxeDashboardn/an/aUK
177287Austin Mini Cooper ‘S’ MkIIFront 3/4, by fieldn/an/aUK
180300Austin Mini Cooper – works carDashboard, competition specn/an/aUK
180301Austin Mini Cooper – works carFront passenger compartmentn/an/aUK
n/aEén van de eerste Mini’s gebouwd in 1959Front 3/4, with two womenn/aHUY 801Holland
196040Competitions MiniFront-on, in mid-air
Front 3/4, by trees
n/aGRX 311D
NOV 312G
n/aInnocenti MilleFront 3/4, in studio1981INNOCENTIHolland
n/aInnocenti MilleRear 3/4, in studio1981INNOCENTIHolland
n/aInnocenti MilleFront passenger compartment1981n/aHolland
n/aMini MarcosFront 3/4, by rivern/aLAM 101FUK
196169Prototype Mini / Project drawingFront 3/4, in studio Annotated drawingn/aXC 9003UK
197856Mini Clubman EstateFront 3/4, in studion/aLWL 332HUK
198250Mini 1275 GTFront 3/4, in studion/aMFC 442HUK
198261Mini ClubmanFront 3/4, by dunesn/aMFC 442HUK
321955Mini Cooper S – Rauno Aaltonen, Winner 1967 Monte Carlo RallyFront 3/4, in action on snowLBL 6DUK
n/aAnniversary Concept Vehicle 30Front 3/4, with Mini Cooper (LBL 6D) in background199767 MINI 97UK
n/aMiniFront 3/4, in studio1981MINIHolland
n/aDe 1997 Mini CooperFront 3/4, from aboven/an/aGermany
n/aMini British OpenFront 3/4, by treesn/aMINIEurope
n/aMini – London-Brighton RallyFront 3/4, at kerbside1999J613 MCTUK
n/aMini Clubman 1100 EstateFront 3/4, by field1977BL-19-77Holland
n/aMini CooperFront 3/4, by treesn/aCOOPEREurope
n/aMini MayfairFront 3/4, by treesn/aD-AR 470Germany
n/aMini MayfairFront passenger compartmentn/an/aGermany
n/aMini ChelseaFront 3/4, outside office block1985MINIEurope
8/88/2118/A4Mini MayfairRear 3/4, by foliageAug 1988F122 YEPUK
8004/4Morris Mini Cooper ‘S’ MkIIFront seats/dashboardn/an/aUK
8005/2Morris Mini MkII Super DeluxeFront 3/4n/aKOV 155FUK
86944Morris Mini-MinorFront 3/4, by trees26/08/1959HJO 151UK
87228Morris Mini-MinorRear 3/4, parking26/08/1959HJO 151UK
RGS/0496/742Mini Equinox SERear 3/4April 1996MINIUK
n/aWolseley HornetRear 3/4, in fieldn/a459 JWLn/a
122161Wolseley Hornet MkIIFront 3/4, in field, with woman & childn/a278 RWLFrance
168249Wolseley Hornet MkIIIFront 3/4, by lawnn/an/aUK

Mini Moke

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aMini MokesTwo Mokes packed for shippingn/an/an/a


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
No marque
8263/14Montego 2.0 GTiFront 3/4, by trees16/10/1988F127 YEPUK
8/88/2120/A4Montego 2.0 DSL Direct Injection Turbo DieselFront 3/4, outside office block16/10/1988F128 YEPUK
9/88/2126/I7Montego 2.0 GSi EstateRear 3/4, outside DIY store16/10/1988F134 YEPUK
9/88/2126/K5Montego 1989 – new fascia layoutDriver’s seat and dashboard16/10/1988n/aUK
n/aMontego Estate 1,6 LSFront 3/4, in studio1985AUSTINEurope
n/aMontego Estate 1,6 LSRear 3/4, in studio1985n/aEurope
321850Austin Montego Vanden PlasFront 3/4, on gravel25/04/1984A167 NUWUK
321865Austin Montego Vanden PlasRear 3/4, outside stately home25/04/1984A167 NUWUK
322070Austin Montego 1.6LSemi-profile, by cliff25/04/1984n/aUK
322072Austin Montego 1.6Semi-profile, by hills25/04/1984n/aUK
322080Austin Montego 2.0HLSRear 3/4, by hills25/04/1984A116 KWKUK
n/aMontego 2.0 MayfairFront 3/4, in studio1985AUSTINEurope
n/aMG Montego 2.0 EfiFront passenger compartment1985n/aEurope
n/aMG Montego Turbo 2000Front 3/4, in studio1985MONTEGOEurope

Princess, Ambassador

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
313463Ambassador Vanden Plas interiorDashboard 3/405/03/1982n/aUK
313931Ambassador Vanden PlasFront 3/405/03/1982LOV 757XUK
313975Ambassador HLRear 3/4, boot open05/03/1982LOV 754XUK
314300Ambassador HLSFront-on, cornering05/03/1982LOV 769XUK
314354Ambassador HLSFront 3/405/03/1982LOV 769XUK
258906Princess 2200 HLSFront 3/4, in parklandn/a2200UK

Range Rover

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
Land Rover
n/aRange Rover 2-doorFront 3/4, on tarmacn/aD-VH 984Germany
n/aRange Rover 4-doorProfile, on tarmacn/an/aGermany
n/aRange Rover 4-doorFront 3/4, on trailn/aD-JW 521Germany
n/aRange Rover 4-doorFront passenger compartmentn/an/aGermany
202868Range RoverChassis in plan, annotatedn/an/aUK
203022Range RoverFront 3/4, by hillsn/aYVB 153HUK
203023Range Rover – with rear seat foldedRear, looking into bootn/aYVB 160HUK
203024Range RoverRear 3/4, with family outside housen/an/aUK
203025Range RoverAccess to rear seatsn/an/aUK
203026Range RoverFront 3/4, by hillsn/aYVB 153HUK

Rover 200 (R3)

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
P0001667Rover 211SE/214SE/220SEFront 3/4, outside showroom01/08/1999V214 ROVUK
RGS/0997/893Rover 200BRM limited editionInterior, with BRM Le Mans car in background01/09/1997n/aUK
RGS/0997/895Rover 200BRM limited editionFront 3/4, alongside BRM Le Mans car01/09/1997ROVERUK

Rover 200, 400 (R8)

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
WR9008303/1Rover 216GTi Twin-cam 3-doorProfile, by trees11/09/1990n/aUK
WR9008303/18Rover 216GTi 16v 3-door – with optional Roversport 15″ alloy wheelsRear 3/4, by trees11/09/1990H948 VCYUK
RH/1193/380Rover 216 CabrioletFront 3/4, on gravel driveway12/11/1993ROVERUK
RH/1193/381Rover 220 Turbo CoupeFront 3/4, on gravel driveway12/11/1993ROVERUK
RH/1193/382Rover 220 GSi TurboRear 3/4, on gravel driveway12/11/1993ROVERUK
RH/1193/383Rover 214Si/218SD/218SD TurboFront 3/4, by trees12/11/1993ROVERUK
RH/1193/384Rover 220 SLiFront 3/4, on gravel driveway12/11/1993ROVERUK
RH/1193/386Rover 200 & 400 seriesEnsemble, on gravel driveway12/11/1993ROVERUK
RH/1193/395Rover 420 GSi TurboFront 3/4, on gravel driveway01/11/1993ROVERUK
RH/0294/412Rover 400 TourerFront 3/4, outside Samarkand Galleries08/03/1994ROVERUK
RH/0294/413Rover 400 TourerRear 3/4, outside Samarkand Galleries, tailgate open08/03/1994ROVERUK
RH/0294/414Rover 400 TourerRear 3/4, outside Samarkand Galleries, tailgate closed08/03/1994ROVERUK
RH/0294/422Rover 200/400 driver’s airbag & seatbelt pre-tensionersInterior, front passenger compartment01/02/1994n/aUK
RH/0294/423Rover 214 SE CabrioletFront 3/4, by trees01/02/1994ROVERUK
RGS/0694/462Rover 214SEi Special EditionFront 3/4, on gravel driveway01/06/1994M214 TDUUK
RGS/1294/499Rover 214SEiFront 3/4, on road26/12/1994ROVERUK
RGS/0296/717The 1996 Rover Cabriolet, Coupe and TourerEnsemble, on gravel driveway22/03/1996ROVERUK
RGS/0396/718The 1996 Rover CabrioletInterior, from above22/03/1996n/aUK
RGS/0797/851Rover 1.8 VVC CoupeFront 3/4, on road01/07/1997R794 SVCUK

Rover 213, 216

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
10020Longbridge Weld TrackProduction line19/06/1984n/aUK
322492Rover 213 Vanden PlasFront 3/4, by trees19/06/1984A660 PFCUK
322505Rover 213Front 3/4, by trees19/06/1984A662 PFCUK
322507Rover 213 SFront 3/4, in field19/06/1984A663 PFCUK
322514Rover 213 SERear 3/4, on gravel19/06/1984A661 PFCUK
322625Rover 213Dashboard19/06/1984n/aUK
n/aRover 216 SERear 3/4, in studio1985ROVEREurope
6/88/2094/B3Rover 216 VitesseFront 3/4, by foliageJun 1988F109 YEPUK

Rover 25

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
P0002598The Rover 25Front 3/4, in motionn/aW257 LOBUK
RGS-0901-333Rover 25 iL 5dr with optional Coronet wheelsFront 3/4, outside buildingSept 2001ROVERUK
BMR-0902-662Rover 25 3dr hatchbackFront 3/4, in motion22/10/2002ROVERUK
BMR-0902-685Rover 25 5dr hatchbackSemi-profile, outside building22/10/2002n/aUK
BMR-1002-729Matthew Williamson Monogram Rover 25Front 3/4, in parkland22/10/2002ROVERUK
BMR-0703-1084Streetwise by Rover – the Urban On-RoaderFront 3/4, by buildings01/07/2003STREETWISEUK
BMR-0703-1086Streetwise by Rover – the Urban On-RoaderInterior, front passenger01/07/2003STREETWISEUK
BMR-0703-1087Streetwise by Rover – the Urban On-RoaderInterior, rear passenger compartment01/07/2003STREETWISEUK

Rover 400 (HHR)

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
RGS/0395/566Rover 416SLi 5-door, with 4-door saloonAt Benthall Hall, Telford26/03/1995ROVERUK
RGS/0395/567Rover 414i/416i/414Si/416SiFront 3/4, in motion01/03/1995ROVERUK
RGS/0296/714The new Rover 400 saloonRear 3/4, in motion01/02/1996ROVERUK
RGS/0296/715The new Rover 400 series saloon and 5-doorEnsemble, on gravel driveway01/02/1996ROVERUK
RGS/1096/764Rover 400 series saloonFront 3/4, on gravel driveway01/10/1996ROVERUK
RGS/0397/830Rover 416S 5-doorFront 3/4, by trees01/03/1997ROVERUK
RGS/0697/839Rover 400 series – new Bermuda Blue paintworkFront 3/4, outside house01/06/1997R583 HOVUK
RGS/0697/840Rover 400 series – new Hawaiian Blue paintworkFront 3/4, in motion01/06/1997R590 HOVUK
RGS/0697/841Rover 400 series with “Regatta” interior trimDashboard and driver01/06/1997n/aUK

Rover 45

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
P0002599The Rover 45Front 3/4, by treesn/aW462 LOBUK
BMR-0902-677Rover 45 5dr hatchbackProfile, in motion22/10/2002n/aUK
BMR-0902-682Rover 45 SaloonProfile, outside building22/10/2002n/aUK
BMR-0902-684Rover 45 saloon with Cosmos alloy wheelsFront 3/4, in motion22/10/2002AHO 188UK
RGS-0800-035Rover 45 2.0-litre V6 ConnoisseurFront 3/4, by trees01/08/2000ROVERUK

Rover 600

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
RH/0693/346Rover 620iFront 3/4, outside house01/06/1993L619 EYNUK
RH/0693/347Rover 620iRear 3/4, outside house01/06/1993L619 EYNUK
RH/0693/349Rover 620GSi/623GSiFront 3/4, on gravel driveway01/06/1993L623 EYNUK
RH/0394/420Rover 600 wins British design awardFront 3/4, with design team & John Towers17/03/1994ROVERUK
RH/0494/440Rover 623SLiRear 3/4, at LongbridgeApril 1994ROVERUK
RGS/0794/470Rover 620tiFront 3/4, at Longbridge05/07/1994ROVERUK
RGS/0794/471Rover 620tiRear 3/4, at Longbridge05/07/1994ROVERUK
RGS/0694/476Rover 620tiFront 3/4, in motion01/06/1994M860 TDUUK
RGS/0894/488Rover 623GSiFront 3/4, at Ashborne Hill01/08/1994ROVERUK
RGS/0195/516Rover 620SLDi using L-series 2.0-litre diesel engineRear 3/4, on country road31/01/1995M168 CWKUK
RGS/0195/517Rover 600 series using L-series 2.0-litre diesel engineFront 3/4, in traffic31/01/1995M168 CWKUK
RGS/0296/723The new Rover 618Front 3/4, at Oxford01/02/1996ROVERUK
RGS/0296/725The 1996 Rover 600 seriesFront 3/4, at Oxford01/02/1996ROVERUK
RGS/1096/783Rover 600 seriesFront 3/4, at The Sheldonian, Oxford01/10/1996ROVERUK
RGS/1296/799Rover 600 series – 620Si/620SLi/620SDiFront 3/4, at The Sheldonian, Oxford01/12/1996ROVERUK
RGS/0497/832Rover 600 series – 618i/618SiSemi-profile, outside house01/04/1997ROVERUK
Keith Adams


  1. Great selection of photos – I remember seeing some of them first time round (eg Montego, Rover 200, 45, 600). Looking through them all, some years on, reminds us that MGRover and its previous namesake’s did build some nice looking cars.

    What a pity it all went wrong.

  2. Hello,

    Could you or someone help me.I am looking for the 2004 CD on the Monogram Paint and Trim Programm for Rover and MG Cars.
    I would know if someone could make me a copy, against payment of course.
    Thank’s in advance for your reply on the following mail:
    Best regards.
    Eric Borzymowski.

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