Austin/MG Metro (LC8)

Modified Metros : Turbo Technics

Turbo Technics cashed in on the popularity of the aftermarket turbo conversion throughout the 1980s; as the years passed, it conversions became increasingly wild. Thankfully, this Metro was reasonably mild… […]

Austin/MG Maestro (LC10)

Gallery : MG Montego

“Cowley’s Cortina” also received the MG treatment in an attempt to give the upmarket versions a little bit more cachet than perhaps the Austin could manage. When the Montego was […]

Austin/MG Maestro (LC10)

Gallery : MG Maestro

It has been said that the MG Maestro was never planned for during the LM10 development programme – certainly, early prototypes were badged as Austin Maestro EXPs. The MG badged […]

Austin/MG Metro (LC8)

Gallery : MG Metro

The Metro was the first Austin Rover car to be subjected to the MG treatment. Arguably, it was the most successful recipient of the octagon treatment, perhaps because the early […]

Triumph 1300/Toledo/Dolomite

Triumph 1300>Dolomite timeline

The bloodline of Triumph’s popular small saloon, the Dolomite, can be traced back to the front-wheel-drive Triumph 1300 of the mid-Sixties. This timeline charts the key points in the development […]

BMC 1800/2200 (ADO17)

BMC 1800/2200 : MG version

When badge-engineering was at its height, BMC’s middle-market cars played host to a myriad of marque names. The ADO16 and Farina saloons were the most numerous, as they were offered […]

BMC 1800/2200 (ADO17)

BMC 1800/2200 : Crayford Estate

Alongside their trademark convertibles, Crayford were beginning to produce “estate car” conversions in the 1960s, the more apposite term “hatchback” not really having been coined at this stage. The Crayford […]