In production : Light commercials

A brief look at BMC>Rover’s light commercial vehicles being built.

A colourful shot of the J4 van on the production line (presumably at Drews Lane, now home to the Sherpa-based LDV Pilot and Convoy).

A rare, export-only A40 Farina van and a rather more commonplace Minivan on the production line at Longbridge’s CAB1 plant in 1962.

Bodies for the Leyland 20 van were built under contract by Carbodies at their Holyhead Road plant in Coventry, before being transported to Triumph’s Canley plant to be united with their chassis.

A line of FX4 chassis about to receive their fully-assembled bodywork at the Carbodies plant during the mid-Sixties. At this time, the chassis themselves were assembled at BMC’s commercial vehicle plant at Adderley Park in Birmingham.

Morris Minor and J2 vans being assembled at the Dominion Motors assembly plant at Panmure, New Zealand.

Keith Adams


  1. what a shame no more vans from drews lane, must have owned at least one of each model produced over the years, still got a few. Fantastic pictures made my day thanks.

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