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Mini exhibition Munich

The Mini Story is a new exhibition that opened at BMW Welt in Munich, and its intention is to show the whole classic to modern affair from 1959 to date. The exhibition is comprised of 30 cars – including production cars, special editions, prototypes and one-offs, mainly amassed from the UK. Mini clubs were consulted in the car selection.

Stars of the show are undoubtedly the Wildgoose camper, the original 621 AOK and the Spritiual and ACV 30 prototypes, first shown in 1997. As well as the cars, the spiral-shaped exhibition is packed full of other artefacts, and a selection of story boards that cover the car’s development in surprising detail. Clearly a lot of care and attention has gone into the creation of the exhibition – with plenty of UK historic fact-checking along the way.

The exhibition The Mini Story is open until 31 January 2016, at the BMW Welt Museum in Munich, after which, the best bits will go on tour – before moving to the MINI Oxford factory site at Cowley.

More information on the BMW-Welt website.



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